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Вариант 1 Tsk I Red the dilogue nd render it in indirect speech

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Вариант 1

Task I. Read the dialogue and render it in indirect speech.

Smirnov: Well, Mr. Clay, we've studied your suggestions and should like to resume our discussions.

Clay: What would you like to start with?

Smirnov: There are actually two points. First of all the commission you ask for strikes us as very high. What exactly does it cover?

Cloy: The running of a showroom, full service to customers during the guarantee period and part of the publicity expenses. We shall also pay the importation charges. When all these are deducted the balance won't be very high, I assure you.

Smirnov: I still think it's rather high, Mr. Clay. We feel you should either cut the commission by 2 per cent or cover all the publicity expenses.

Clay: Let me see. Have you got any publications on your equipment?

Smirnov: Yes, we have. I can let you have a complete set.

Clay: Thank you, we'll have to go through it before we give you our final reply.

Smirnov: Certainly. Now comes the second point. Can you tell me whatmakes are particularly popular on the British market?

Clay: Yes, we've made out a list of them. Here it is.

Smirnov: Oh, thank you. I'll pass it on to our experts and I think we'll be able to sign an agreement.

Indirect speech

Smirnov told Clay that they studied its offers and would like to resume their discussions.

Clay asked with what would like to begin?

Smirnov answered that there are actually two points. First of all, the commission which you ask, seems to them very high. What precisely it covers?

Clay answered management of the show room full of service to clients during a warranty period and part of expenses of publicity. They also will pay charges of import. When they will subtract all balance, it won't be very high, I assure you.

Smirnov told that he still thinks that it is quite high, Clay.  They feel that you have to or reduce the commission in 2 percent or cover all expenses of publicity.

Clay told allow it to see.  You received any publications on the equipment?

Smirnov answered yes, they have.  I am able to allow you to have a complete set.

Clay told thanks, they will have to pass it before they will give you our final answer.

Smirnov told, certainly.  Now there arrives the second point.  You can tell me, what whatmakes are especially popular in the British market?

Clay answered yes, they sorted the list them.  Here it.

Smirnov told oh, thanks. It will give him to the experts, and he thinks that they will be able to sign the agreement.

Task II. Answer these questions:

1. Do Smirnov and Clay meet in Moscow for the first time? 2. What point does Smirnov bring up first? 3. How does Mr. Clay explain the amount of the commission? 4. What alternatives does Smirnov suggest to Clay? 5. When does Clay promise to give his final reply? 6. What is the second point for discussion in the dialogue ? 7. Why did Clay make out a list of the most popular makes? 8. What was the firm's final reply?

1 . Smirnov and glue met earlier in Moscow.

2 . Smirnov at first lifts пунк about cost.

3 . the Mr. Glue explains number of the commission with full service to clients during a warranty period and part of expenses of publicity.

4  .  Smirnov suggests Glue to reduce the commission 2

in percent or to cover all expenses of publicity.

5 . Glue promises to give the final answer after the expert opinion.

6 . The second point for discussion was popularity in the British market.

7. Clay answered yes, they sorted the list them.

8. Smirnov told that they will be able to sign the agreement.

Task III. Give English equivalents to the following combinations:

  1.  распределять транспортные средства; 2. перевести деньги на почте за счет организации; 3. обеспечить экспедиторов отгрузочными инструкциями; 4. обеспечить требующийся тоннаж; 5. предусмотреть продажу на условиях консигнации; 6. рассчитать примерную цену брокерского вознаграждения; 7. начать кампанию по рекламе товара; 8. дать возможность фирме рассчитать что-л.; 9. нести потери из-за плохого обслуживания; 10. поднять вопрос об усовершенствовании последних моделей машин; 11. прийти к соглашению о чем-л. во время личных встреч; 12. удовлетворить фактические потребности фирмы; 13. относить за счет покупателя расходы по хранению товара; 14. возобновить переговоры о вычете транспортных расходов; 15. заверить клиента, что оставшийся товар будет поставлен в срок; 16. организовать (открыть) демонстрационный зал за свой счет;

1 . to distribute vehicles; 2 . to transfer money on mail at the expense of the organization; 3 . to provide forwarding agents with shipping instructions; 4 . to provide the required tonnage; 5 . to provide sale on a consignment basis; 6 . to calculate the approximate price of broker remuneration; 7 . to begin a goods advertizing campaign; 8 . to give the chance to firm to calculate something; 9 . to sustain losses because of bad service; 10 . to bring up a question of improvement of latest models of cars; 11 . to come to the agreement on something during personal meetings; 12 . to satisfy the actual requirements of firm; 13 . to charge to the buyer expenses on goods storage; 14 . to resume negotiations on a deduction of transportation costs; 15 . to assure the client that the remained goods will be put in time; 16 . to organize (to open) a show room at own expense;

Task IV. Translate the letter into English.

Фирме Грин и Ко. Москва, 1 июня 20 ...


Уважаемые господа!

Мы благодарим Вас за письмо от 20 мая, в котором Вы предлагаете свои услуги в качестве агентов по продаже наших тканей в Вашей стране.

Как известно, мы посылаем часы на консигнацию на срок в 5 месяцев. По истечении месяца Вы должны перевести нам 20% стоимости отправленной Вам партии. Товар, не проданный в течение 5 месяцев (остаток), должен быть возвращен за ваш счет. Импортные пошлины, реклама товара и прочие расходы также относятся на Ваш счет.

Мы полагаем, однако, что упомянутая Вами приблизительная комиссия несколько завышена. В своем письме Вы ссылаетесь на дополнительные расходы, которые влечет за собой торговля через агентов, но мы ведем ее уже несколько лет и хотели бы заверить Вас, что Вы не понесете убытков, если пойдете нам навстречу в отношении размера комиссии. Однако этот вопрос можно будет решить в процессе личных переговоров при условии, что мы договоримся о всех прочих пунктах.

В ожидании Вашего ответа.

С уважением,


To firm Green and To. Moscow, on June 1 20...


Dear sirs!

We thank you for the letter of May 20 in which you offer the services as agents on sale of our fabrics in your country.

It is known that we send hours for a consignment for term in 5 months. After a month you have to transfer us 20% of cost of the party sent to you. The goods which haven't been sold within 5 months (rest), have to be returned at your expense. The import duties, advertizing of goods and other expenses also belong into your account.

We believe, however, that the approximate commission mentioned by you is a little overestimated. In the letter you refer to additional expenses which are involved by trade through agents, but we conduct it some years and would like to assure you that you won't suffer losses if you meet us concerning the commission size. However this issue can be resolved in the course of personal negotiations provided that we will agree about all other points.

Waiting for your answer.

Yours faithfully,


Task V.Discuss the proposition of the firm, agree to it, stating your terms, or reject it giving your reasons.

Messrs. Raznoexport, London, December lOth, 2012 ...


Dear Sirs,

One of our large guitar customers, a distributor of musical instruments Rose, Morris and Co. inform us that they have roughly calculated the losses they may suffer after the imposition by the government of a 15% import charge. The sum is very big and they want you to cut the price temporarily to maintain the turnover until the charge is removed. They also ask you to increase their commission.

Looking forward to your early reply.


Cowan and Co.

Write a letter.

Moscow, , December 3Oth, 2012 ...

Cowan and Co.

Dear Sirs,

We accepted your message to data and in connection with current situation we notify you that we are ready to promote and temporarily to reduce the price of goods to support commodity turnover in order to avoid big losses, and also we are ready to increase to you the commission with hope of that that in the near future the situation will improve and we will fill all losses imposed on us.

We are glad to cooperation.

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