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TOPIC Does the pckging help to communicte the difference between this nd other products Do you gree tht ldquo;pckging is the lst chnce to seduce the customerrdquo; Spek bout pros nd cons of pc

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Unit 3 Products and Packaging                                           


Does the packaging help to communicate the difference between this and other products?  Do you agree that “packaging is the last chance to seduce the customer”? Speak about pros and cons of packaging and its importance in the modern consumer world. What functions does packaging perform? What is ‘wrap rage’? What criteria will you consider when designing or evaluating packaging? Describe different materials used for packaging. Think of protection, identification, transport, storage, display, security. How to make the design attractive, effective and distinctive?

What is a cross-functional task force? How does it differ from a traditional design team? What problems does this approach to packaging design and development help to solve? What specialists are involved in this process? What is the role of the consumer? What is the turn-around of the packaging created by a cross-functional team?

What are the qualities of a good presentation? Speak about the structure, content, delivery, speaker, visuals, pace, timing/length. Give advice on how to make a presentation effective.

What factors influence the development of a new product? What are the main stages in designing and developing a new product? Describe an innovative product that you like. Think of the packaging, features and benefits of the product. What are the 4 Ps? Do you agree that packaging is a key issue in the marketing mix? Why?/Why not?


3.1     new trends in the market              in-shop shrinkage        pilfering            

a blister pack        welded plastic          ecologically-minded people      consumer-validated packaging branding    brand strategy      POS – point of sale        focus group             know-how        a mockup   

a stakeholder      a red rug to a bull         technical limitations      a ‘task force’ = a cross functional team

a turn-around             to keep costs to a minimum          to cause frustration          to seduce a customer                to trigger smth.           to water down smth.            to wrestle with  smth.               to be identical  

to differentiate                to create and communicate the difference               to overcommunicate smth.        

to be consumer-led            to work within the constrains             to interface with smb.

to pitch promise to the customer

3.2    unfeasible or unprofitable ideas         beta test          a blueprint              (a radar) overlay           

a pallet of          a single finger operation  

fire-retardant            сhild-proof/ child-resistant                 soundproof

water-proof      shockproof      future-proof       foolproof       rainproof         bullet-proof

attention-grabbing      eye-catching             energy-saving          time-saving     (labor) labour(Am.)-saving 

to draw up specifications   to grab smth.

to tamper with        tamper-resistant      heat-resistant           stain-resistant         water-resistant     

3.3   a bar code    a decision-making tool    industry-standard    PDF – portable document format  

a market study/ investigation    consumer empowerment (approach)       a rating      a flip cover   

a frill/ no frills     lead-time       a patent/ patented         a replica    a spreadsheet    a sketch

feature-packed               a complex text layout language          an award-winning design      

to bump (up sales)       to comply with        to cope with      to get rid of

3.4    a sales rep (=representative)            GPS tracking device             a hands-on demonstration

a bulky order           overwhelmingly positive reaction        a precedent            an agenda

to be  without precedent         to approve an investment            to call for action       

to expect a return on investment        to give (a project) the green light            to hook (the audience)     

to ping one’s user             to wrap up (the presentation)                 to track smb.             


3.5  a quibble/ no quibble guarantee             downloadable shareware

to benefit from         to integrate images and charts/ a fully integrated suite            to stand out     

3.6     BOGOF            USP                  4 P’s of marketing              a customer feedback summary

chequered           fusion cuisine             franchisee/ franchise/ franchisor          

to dine-in/ dine out           to order a take-out or delivery online            to relaunch a product

to strengthen a brand                 to be underestimated               to defend  one’s market share   

Subject Background

Product is one of the famous ‘4 Ps’ of marketing (the others being Price, Place (i.e. distribution) and Promotion. In the past, when business people talked about ‘products and services’ the term product referred only to manufactured goods. Nowadays the distinction between a product and a service is increasingly blurred, so that a bank can offer ‘financial products’ and a manufacturing company can offer a service (e.g. customizing their products).

When developing a new product, a company needs to take into account a wide range of factors:

the origin of any new product ideas: customers? sales staff?

the fit with the existing product line

manufacturing questions like: ‘How easy will it be to make this new product with our existing equipment?’

pricing, distribution and promotion of the new product.

The feasibility of new products depends very much on production and operations as well as marketing. If a product cannot be manufactured for a reasonable price then it cannot be sold for one. Designing and developing a new product involves a number of different stages.

Research: Market research to find out customers’ needs; technical and scientific research and development of a more fundamental nature (R&D); prioritizing research into different projects; lead time between starting a project and the product coming to market;

Design: Deciding the specifications to include in the design brief (features, size, weight, materials, etc.); screening out poor designs and choosing the final design; limitations in the production technology available; designing for manufacture (an easy process will lower production costs and mean fewer defects); designing for ease of disposal at the end of the product’s life.

Prototype: Deciding how many working models to build; coordination between marketing and production when evaluating the prototype; which to prioritize: speed to market or more time for a better product?

Consumer tests: Choosing the target group for the test; deciding what to measure and how to measure it; modifying the prototype on the basis of the test results.

Full production: Set-up of machines and machine tools; supply of materials and parts; run time (time taken for a batch of products to go through the process); estimating consumer demand.

When the finished product is finally on the market, sales staff will need to know:

its functions (what it does)

its features (selling points)

its customer benefits (how the features and functions make the customer’s life easier)

improvements that have been made (in what ways it’s better than previous models)

possibilities for customization

how it compares with competitors’ products.

Packaging is of course a key issue in the product mix, and its importance is often underestimated. Amongst other things, it a) attracts the buyer’s attention, b) advertises the benefits of the product inside, c) lists the contents of the product inside, d) protects the product during handling and e) contributes to convenience and ease-of-use.

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