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How long How do you your mother~s nme B KTE1

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  1.  ______ a good holiday! Have 
  2.  ______ a good weekend! Have 
  3.  ________ away last weekend?Did you go 
  4.  _________ she isn’t very tall, she’s very good at basketball. Although 
  5.  _________ she lives far from school, she always walks there. Although 
  6.  A _______ coat do you prefer? B I think I prefer the brown one. What 
  7.  A _______ jacket do you prefer? B I think I prefer the blue one. What 
  8.  A ____________did they stay together? B Twenty years, from 1971-1991. How long 
  9.  A How do you _____ your mother’s name? B K-A-T-E. spell 
  10.  A How do you _____ your name? B J-A-C-E-K. spell 
  11.  A person who is open and nice is ________. friendly 
  12.  A Were they playing tennis? B No, they ________. No, they weren’t 
  13.  A What are they talking _______? B It’s a secret. about 
  14.  A What’s that? B A guava. It’s a _______ of fruit. kind/type 
  15.  A What’s the _______ today? B The 10th of October. date 
  16.  A What’s the _______ today? B The 5th of September. date 
  17.  A Who _______ the match? B Liverpool. It was 1-0. won 
  18.  A Why ______ you come to the party? B I wasn’t invited. didn’t 
  19.  A Why ______ you go to the cinema? B I had a lot of work to do. didn’t 
  20.  A Why ________? B Because he’s happy. is he smiling 
  21.  A Why is he ________ a coat? B Because he’s cold. wearing 
  22.  All the cafes were full ______it was a public holiday. because 
  23.  Ask a question ? answer a question 
  24.  Be careful! You ________ a mistake. are making 
  25.  Bye. ______ you on Monday. See 
  26.  Bye. ______ you on Wednesday. See 
  27.  Don’t leave your books _______ the floor! on 
  28.  Don’t turn off the TV! I _________ it. am watching 
  29.  Extrovert is _______ of shy. opposite 
  30.  Generous (opposite) mean 
  31.  He ________ men who talk a lot. doesn’t like 
  32.  He _________ a shower before breakfast. usually has 
  33.  He _________ a shower in the morning. usually has 
  34.  How often ________ her grandparents? does she see 
  35.  How often ________ to the cinema? do you go 
  36.  I __________ on my friend’s sofa when his mother came home. was sleeping 
  37.  I always sleep ______ planes. on 
  38.  I hate driving __________ night, getting up early _______ the morning. at, in 
  39.  I usually go by car, but yesterday I _______ by metro. went 
  40.  I was really tired _______ I decided not to go to the gym. so 
  41.  I’m looking _________ a new place to live. for 
  42.  I’m looking _________ Sue’s dog for a week. after 
  43.  I’ve bought a new car _________ is very comfortable. which 
  44.  I’ve bought a new machine _________ makes fantastic coffee. which 
  45.  Is this the hotel _______ we stayed last year? where 
  46.  Is this the restaurant _______ we had dinner last month? where 
  47.  It _____________ when we left the pub. was snowing 
  48.  It isn’t easy to decide who to share a room _________. with 
  49.  It was really hot in Oslo, _______ it’s normally cold there. although 
  50.  It’s very hot. _________ I open the window? Shall 
  51.  lazy ? hard - working 
  52.  lend some money (opposite verb) borrow 
  53.  Linda was very late _______ she ran to the station. so 
  54.  Maria is sitting _______ to Salvador. next 
  55.  mean ? generous 
  56.  My aunt lives ______ Mexico. in 
  57.  My brother _________ English at university. studies 
  58.  My brother _________ law at university. studies 
  59.  My car _______ working. It’s broken down. isn’t 
  60.  My computer _______ working. It’s broken. isn’t 
  61.  My dog’s not dangerous. He __________. doesn’t bite 
  62.  My grandmother and I get ________ really well. on  
  63.  My mother _______ work. She’s retired. does not 
  64.  My parents _______ work. They’re retired. do not 
  65.  My teacher ________ Russian. speaks 
  66.  On the right ? on the left 
  67.  pass the exam (opposite) fail 
  68.  She is waiting _____ the bus. for 
  69.  She is waiting _____ the train. for 
  70.  Shy != extrovert 
  71.  Silvia is sitting _______ to Mike. next 
  72.  Stand up ? sit down 
  73.  That’s the man ________won the lottery last week. who 
  74.  That’s the shop ________ I bought my car. where 
  75.  That’s the shop ________ I bought my computer. where 
  76.  There’s a Post Office _______ the end of this road. at 
  77.  They _________ their holiday. didn’t enjoy 
  78.  They _________ their weekend. didn’t enjoy 
  79.  They’re the children _______ live next door to us. who 
  80.  They’re the students _______ study at the university. who 
  81.  Think ________ his offer - it’s a good one. about 
  82.  Today’s Friday, so tomorrow’s _________. Saturday 
  83.  Turn _______ your mobile phone. off/on 
  84.  We always meet _______ Monday morning. on 
  85.  We have classes twice ______ week. a 
  86.  We have our exams _______ Friday afternoon. on 
  87.  We were very late, _______ we took a taxi. so 
  88.  We weren’t very late, _______ we decided to walk. but 
  89.  What ____ this word mean? does 
  90.  What ______ he do last week? did 
  91.  What ______ you do last weekend? did 
  92.  What _______ the food like when you were there? was  
  93.  What _______ the weather like when you were there? was 
  94.  What are you going to do _________ Christmas? at 
  95.  What are you going to do _________ Easter? on 
  96.  What are you looking _______? at 
  97.  What did you study _______ school? at 
  98.  What time _______ the bank open? does 
  99.  What time _______ the shop open today? does 
  100.  What time _________ to come? is she going 
  101.  When I _______her she was reading in the library. met 
  102.  When I saw him he wasn’t running, he _______ walking. was 
  103.  When I woke up it ________. was raining 
  104.  When I woke up it ________. was snowing 
  105.  Where _______ work? do you 
  106.  Who ________ to? did she write 
  107.  Who do you usually agree________ in your family? with 
  108.  Who was the first person you spoke _______ this morning? to 
  109.  win the football match (opposite verb) lose 
  110.  You have 32 of these in your mouth. _________ teeth 
  111.  You have classes twice ______ week. a 
  112.  You have ten of these on your feet. ________ toes 
  113.  You have ten of these on your hands. ________ fingers 
  114.  You have two of these on your face. ________ eyes 
  115.  You use these to bite. ________ teeth 
  116.  You use these to hear. ________ ears 
  117.  You use these to kick. _________ feet 
  118.  You use these to see. _________ eyes 
  119.  Your mother’s sister is your _______. aunt 
  120.  Your sister’s daughter is your _______. niece 

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