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Топик 4.

Problems and challenges Russian and American professors deal with.

Honestly, we’re ignorant of all the problems that both American and Russian professors face with.  Those who aren’t in education simply can’t understand all of the work that goes into being   a teacher.

Their job is really serious. Every hour in the classroom is at least an hour of work required outside the normal school day. Sure, school only lasts 5-6 hours per day. But that’s all professors are paid for and the job is constant. Their homes are cluttered with work and they stay up till night grading papers and preparing for future lectures.

There is zero flexibility when you’re a teacher.  When you work in an office, you can simply call in sick when you wake up unexpectedly ill on a given morning. But, it’s extremely hard to be absent from work when you are a teacher, especially if it happens without notice or at the last minute.

Teaching is physically and emotionally taxing. Just imagine that everyday a professor has to deal with scores of students and sometimes their attitude leaves much to be desired. I can’t even imagine how it feels like when you teach people who just simple don’t want to learn anything. A person should really love his profession, otherwise it can just drive him mad. There are also issues with varicose veins from having to stand all day.

We live in the 21st century, where high technologies are at every step and people can buy new cell-phones and laptops whenever they want, but in Russia the problem of underpayment at universities is still urgent. Professors have to work overtime, I mean for example some of them give private lessons. They also don’t have proper equipment at the universities, since it’s all old-fashioned.

Students are used to thinking that writing a thesis is a great stress for them. That’s right, I’m not going to deny that but for professors it’s a challenge too, because as a rule they are responsible for checking several works and it’s not easy at all.

As for American professors, they deal with the same problems (except for underpayment and equipment) but they also have one more problem. The education in the states is very “democratic” and if the students don’t like the teacher they can simply collect signatures that they don’t like this or that professor and the principal will think it over, since students “buy” their education and pay a lot of money for it.

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