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Working systems to the multiple computers

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Personal Computers And Laptop Computers Essay, Research Paper

The two types of computers that are the most common people use are the Personal computer, and the Laptop computer. Most people would say that there is not that much difference between the two, but they have no idea how wrong they are.

The Personal computer is what the majority of the people have in their homes. PC is a term that means personal computer use. With these Personal computers, people can use it at home, school, or at a business. These computers can store abundant memory and space. The computers themselves have a glass monitor, like a television screen, which enables people to see more colors. It also has a higher resolution rate so people can see more clearly. The Personal computer can have some remarkable features added to it. People can add printers, bigger speakers, desktop scanner beds, and best of all, a bigger hard drive.

People can create a desktop or tower into a server that goes through the server and networking systems to the multiple computers. An example of that would be; a hotel manager sitting behind his computer watching every single thing the desk clerk in the lobby would put into his computer. This way, the manager can supervise the desk clerk. Also through a regular Personal computer, people can install a magrox duel head video card that will allow people to hook up two monitors, so people can split their desktop for more working space. Plus, most Personal computers have a mouse that people use for pointing and clicking.

The Laptop is a computer that is light weight and portable for easy transportation, which makes life easier to take on business trips, vacations, and anywhere people want to take it. Laptop simply means that people can set the computer down on their lap, desk, or on any flat surface. As far as memory goes, Laptops only hold twenty-five gigs. The Laptop computers themselves have a plastic screen that reduces the resolution rate. This is why people have such a hard time seeing things on the computer. No matter where people sit in front of the computer screen, it will always produce different colors; therefore, making it harder to read the screen.

People cannot, however, have a Laptop act as a server like a Personal computer can. Laptop?s computers also do not have a mouse, because it would be too hard to carry one around all the time. So Laptops usually have a touch screen computer, a touch pad that is just below the keyboard, or a tiny round button that sticks out from the keyboard keys, called a sensitivity button.

It is always amazing to see what new and improved technology companies are coming out with today. The computer will always be with us, whether it is for people?s personal use for fun, jumping on a plane with their Laptop by their side, or just surfing the World Wide Web.

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