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Контрольная работа 1 Задание 1

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Контрольная работа 1

Задание 1.

а. Найдите определения следующих словосочетаний со словом BRAND 

  1.  Luxury brand
  1.  The person responsible for planning and managing of a branded product
  1.  Classic brand
  1.  The brand with the largest market share
  1.  Brand awareness
  1.  A famous brand with a long history
  1.  Brand image
  1.  The ideas and beliefs which consumers have about a brand
  1.  Brand stretching
  1.  The tendency of a customer to continue buying a particular product
  1.  Brand loyalty
  1.  Using a successful brand name to launch a product in a new category
  1.  Brand leader
  1.  The knowledge which consumers have of a brand
  1.  Brand manager
  1.  A brand associated with expensive, high quality products

в. Заполните таблицу









Задание 2. Перепишите предложения. Заполните пропуски словосочетаниями со словом BRAND из упражнения ,  предложения переведите письменно

  1.  Levis, which has been established for over a 100 years and is world- famous, is a ……………………………………………
  2.  The aim of the advertising campaign is to enhance………………………… so that consumers become more familiar with our coffee products.
  3.  Volvo’s……………………is that of a well- engineered, upmarket, safe car.
  4.  Suchard is a…………………………..of Swiss chocolate.

Задание 3 Перепишите текст. Заполните пропуски подходящими по смыслу словами,  переведите на русский язык :

Money – name – differentiate – synergy – quality - competitors’

“What is branding and why do we need brands”

“A brand can be a (1)….., a term or a symbol. It is used to(2)…….a product from(3)……..products. The brands guarantee a certain(4)…….level. Brand should value to products. It’s certain(4)……..effect whereby one plus one equals three. But customers must believe they get extra value for(5)…..

Задание 4  Перепишите и переведите письменно 3,4,5, абзацы:

Fashion victim fights back

1. Walk into a street market anywhere from Manila to Manchester, and someone will be selling T-shirts branded with the distinctive CK logo of Calvin Klein, the New York fashion designer.

2. If the price is very low, the T- shirts are probably fakes. For a long time Calvin Klein has had problems with counterfeiters selling poor- quality merchandise bearing his brand name. Now he is doing something about it.

3. In the past, Calvin Klein took a relatively passive approach to the counterfeit problem. The company has now got tougher by establishing a network of employees and external specialists to uncover copyright abuse.

4. The move began with a general change in corporate strategy whereby Calvin Klein has aggressively expanded its interests outside North America. Calvin Klein has been one of the leading fashion designers in the North American market since the mid- 1970s. Now Calvin Klein is building up its fashion business in other countries. It has increased its investment in advertising, and restructured its licensing arrangements by signing long- term deals with partners for entire regions such as Europe and Asia, rather than giving licensing rights to individual countries.

5. But as sales and brand awareness have risen, Calvin Klein has become an increasingly popular target for Asian and European counterfeiters, alongside other luxury brands such as Gucci, Chanel and Ralph Lauren.

6. The fake goods, mostly T-shirts, jeans and baseball caps, not only reduce the company’s own sales, but damage its brand image by linking it to poor quality merchandise.


From the Financial Times

Задание 5 Перепишите вопросы. Дайте на них ответы в письменной форме.

  1.  Which Calvin Klein products are commonly copied?
  2.  Why is the problem getting worse?
  3.  How the company is dealing with it?
  4.  What was Calvin Klein’s attitude to counterfeiting in the past?
  5.  Why has the company changed its way of dealing with counterfeiters?
  6.  What has the company done to change the way its business operates and to increase its size?

Задание 6 Перепишите текст. Поставьте слова в нужную форму (степени сравнения)

Public Relations through Word of Mouth Marketing

One of the 1(little) expensive and potentially 2(much) effective ways to promote your business is through public relations (PR). More specifically, word of mouth (молва).

Word of mouth or mention in a published article can generate 3 (much) attention to your site than all of your paid advertising combined. You must,  however, tread carefully.

Задание 7 Поставьте глаголы в нужную форму Present Simple или Present Continuous.

I work for a PR company. This week isn’t a typical one for me. Usually, the first thing (1) I … (do) when (2) I … (get) to the office in the morning is to go through my mail and any messages.

Then (3) I … (plan) what I’m going to do each day. This week (4) I … (not have) time to do any of that, because at the moment (5) I … (work) on a project that has to be finished by the end of the week.

(6) Some projects… (take) a long time to develop and (7) you … (often think) that there is plenty of time left. Then suddenly (8) you … (find) that it all has to be done in a few days! So this week (9) I … (work) extremely hard. (10) I … (not like) weeks like this one! 

Задание 8 В колонке слева даны разделы резюме (CV), справа описание разделов и детали резюме.  Подберите описание к разделам. Заполните таблицу

1. Personal Information

a. Your interests or hobbies

2. Profile

b. Lists the foreign languages you can speak and your level of competence

3. Experience

c. Name and contact details of 2 or 3 people who can give information to recruiters about you

4. Education

d. A summary of your education, experience and main skills (up to 5 lines only)

5. Languages

e. Your computer skills and software experience

6. Computer Skills

f. Name, address, telephone, email

7. Interests

g. Clear, detailed information about your education. Begin with your most recent degree

8. References

h. Your work experience in reverse (обратный) chronological order. Include the names of employers, position, duties and responsibilities, dates of employment

Заполните таблицу:









Задание 9 Озаглавьте разделы резюме


1) Name: first name, second name
Address: Belinsky street, Ekaterinburg, Russia
Date of birth: 18 - February - 1992
Age: 20
Marital status: Single
Nationality: Russian
2). 06/2010 - present   Ural Federal University, Department of  Marketing Communication and Branding

3) 03/03/2010 - 10/07/2010 Promoter, Avon, Ekaterinburg, Russia
06/05/2009 - 09/01/2009 Assistant manager of PR company, Ekaterinburg, Russia
4) English - good
5) Dancing and cooking. I'm very responsible, polite, sociable
6) Reading. Sports: shaping, running, swimming. Traveling

Задание 10. Используя образец, составьте свое резюме.

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1. расчетные отношения в ВЭД Глава 18.html
2. по теме ЧЕЛОВЕК Часть 1 А 1
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8.  Фиксация препарата- 1
10. Разработка и обоснование отбора дидактического материала для письменного инструктирования учащихся в ходе одного из уроков производственного обучения
11. Юрисдикционная форма защиты гражданских прав
12. і Але було б несправедливим обмежити сферу діяльності юрисконсультів лише підприємствами
13. Биография Бодровой Варвары Александровны
14. Машенька г. Старый Оскол Раннее детство ~ начало жизни
15. Покорение космоса.html
16. Искусство древней Руси
17. Политические идеи Г. Спенсера, Дж. Остина
18. интернет.Интернет ~ глобальная комп сеть обьединяющая локальные региональные корпоративные сетиРегионал.html
19. образную форму и служат для оснащения подземных каналов в которых и монтируются трубы
20. 1 Приговор как акт правосудия его понятие и значение 1