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We find ourselves in overwhelming situtions tht we don~t know how to del with

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Hardships make us stronger

Every now and then life throws us in the deep end and tells us to swim. We find ourselves in overwhelming situations that we don’t know how to deal with. The prevalent notion that suffering toughens you up is worthy of careful consideration.

Experiencing the fullness of life necessitates exposure to experiences that are often challenging and difficult. Life is a complex web of the juxtaposition of opposites. We can only appreciate happiness if we have known sadness, light if we have known dark, etcetera. It is in dealing with the challenges inherent in many life events and changes that we grow and mature into responsible adults. As we meet the requirements for personal growth at each life stage, and pass along its passages, we are confronted with painful emotions and are called upon to make important decisions. We are challenged to think and behave in new, and hopefully more mature, ways.Difficulties in life do, in many instances, bring out the best in people. It is through struggle that we access resources we may not have been aware of having. In dealing with changes, and the losses intrinsic to them, in the personal and professional realms, strengths and unlived potentials are given shape and form and contribute to the development of a full personality.

However as much as meeting challenges and dealing with difficulties encourages personal growth and equips one with the skills necessary for survival, there comes a point where the opposite is also true.

Hardship that crosses the threshold of that required for personal growth does not make us stronger. Relentless exposure to loss and adversity, such as; a lifetime lack of love, various forms of abuse, dealing with the effects of a debilitating disease, the harrowing anxiety as a result of violent crime, the hole in the heart and soul left from the untimely loss of a loved one, the trauma of broken relationships, wears us down. These experiences are corrosive in nature, and thereby create long lasting damage.

What we do learn from hardship is empathy. It is the ability to empathise that binds us to others. When we bear witness to the hardship that others go through we are able to identify with them and provide them with support.

Ironically, one should be thankful when he’s faced with hardships and difficulties. They exist in our life to shape us up to fight the harshness of reality. Through hardships we are able to be aware of our weaknesses, our incapability and incapacity of not only in doing things but also in managing ourselves both physically and emotionally. From this awareness, we learn and discover ways in improving ourselves and in overcoming the hardships we faced in life and from this awareness, comes motivation and the zeal to gear up ourselves to be more sustainable in future challenges.

This awareness in addition to the experience gained in overcoming the hardships  serve as an important survival element that makes us stronger and contribute to a well and effectively-lead life.

Life is never complete without hardships. Life is of ups and down where there’s no ups when there’s no downs. Hardships add value and meaning to our life.

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