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  1.  What is the logical relationship between “device” and “auxiliary device”:

Part and whole

  1.  To place or arrange things in a straight line means to align it.
  2.  To make smth suitable for a new use or situation means to adapt it.
  3.  A method of working out a program from modules to result is called bottom-up programming.
  4.  The unit of information measurement is called a byte.
  5.  This software is not compatible with my OS.
  6.  Which of these goes with the noun "default" mode
  7.  An original sample from which copies are made is called a master copy.
  8.  All of these can be uploaded EXCEPT FOR: processor
  9.  Which of these is done to get rid of unnecessary/outdated data: erasing 
  10.  Which of these is done to correct mistakes: editing
  11.  To encrypt means to change data into a secret code so that only someone with a key can read it.
  12.  Non-volatile memory is able to hold data when the power is switched off.
  13.     Choose the correct suffix: Bluetooth is a short-range radio technology that allows wireless communication between a computer and a keyboard, between mobile phones, etc.
  14.  What is the logical relationship between “backup copy” and “available data”: causes and effects
  15.  To fasten or join smth to smth means to attach it.
  16.  Antonym for “deny” is permit.
  17.  A method when you first make a frame and then fill it with parts of the program is called top-down programming.
  18.  "Error, defect, breakage" may be collectively referred to as a bug.
  19.  A place where the copied or cut information is temporarily stored is called buffer.
  20.  A device that doesn’t work because of defects or spoilage is called buggy hardware.
  21.  Which of these goes with the noun "cursor": key
  22.  Which of these means "to tune, set for the user’s needs": customize
  23.  Which of these is done to share files: shareware  
  24.  Something subject to errors is known to be error-prone.
  25.  A document copy printed out on paper from a computer is called a hard copy.
  26.  To put data or a program into a memory of a computer again means to download it.
  27.  In cyberspace, transmit means to send a file.
  28.  To upload means to add or replace hardware to expand the computer power.
  29.  Choose the correct suffix: An erasable disc allows data to be deleted and new data to be recorded on it.
  30.  Which of these is used to identify the user: password
  31.  Which of these is used not to lose files/data:
  32.  Which of these is used to get access to programs or data: user name
  33.  A program which adds additional features to the main program is a/n accessory.
  34.  An alternative name, nick is a/n alias.
  35.  The letter "R" in the abbreviation "CD-R" stands for: recordable
  36.  When you get smb’s data, information, programs, money illegally, you break in.
  37.  When you stop doing smth, especially speaking, you break off
  38.  To use the commonly used options without tuning you need a default options.
  39.  When smth goes wrong and a piece of equipment stops working it breaks down.
  40.  Find the odd word:
  41.  What is the logical relationship between "domain – domain name": general specific
  42.  What is the logical relationship between "to expand – to extend": equivalence
  43.  What is the logical relationship between "downtime – uptime": contrast
  44.    What is the logical relationship between "junk mail" and "spam": equivalence
  45.  What is the logical relationship between "input" and "processing":  cause and effect
  46.  E-mail is antonymous to snail mail.
  47.  You place your mouse on a mouse pad.
  48.  Rules of behavior on the Internet are referred to as netiquette.
  49.  A person actively involved in online communities is referred to as a netizen.
  50.  A type of slang that Internet users have popularized, and in many cases, have coined may be referred to as netspeak.
  51.  A peripheral is a device attached to a host computer to expand its capabilities.
  52.  A list of the programs expecting their execution is called a queue.
  53.  A query is a request to provide information.
  54.  All of these go with the word “password” EXCEPT FOR: connect
  55.  A plug in is a set of software components that adds specific capabilities to a larger software application.
  56.  A/n impact printer acts like a typewriter.
  57.  A/n irrecoverable error is the one which cannot be corrected.
  58.  A peripheral is a device which is not located on the motherboard.
  59.   “To insert" is synonymous to paste.
  60.   “A waiting line” is also called a queue.
  61.  An aged password is invalid
  62.  What is the logical relationship between “power supply” and “power consumption”: contrast
  63.  What is the logical relationship between “printer” and “impact printer”: general and specific
  64.  What is the logical relationship between “computer” and “mouse” part and whole
  65.  A mouse is connected to a computer through a mouse port.
  66.  Mark the odd word: start
  67.  What is the logical relationship between “periphery” and “scanner”: part and whole
  68.  What is the logical relationship between “restricted information” and “security”: cause and effect
  69.  What is the logical relationship between “press a button” and “release a button”: contrast
  70.  What is the logical relationship between “remove” and “replace”: equivalence
  71.  A program distributed in violation of the copyright law is called bootlegged software.
  72.  One cannot hijack a time.
  73.  Antonym to “replaceable” is irreplaceable.
  74.  You cannot replace this file with another one.
  75.  All of these prepositions can follow the verb “scale” EXCEPT FOR: on
  76.  A route is used for sending information to another place.
  77.  Kazakhtelecom is the largest service provider in Kazakhstan.
  78.   “Remote” is antonymous to: close
  79.  Mark the odd word: protect
  80.  A vendor sells software.
  81.  A digitised copy is referred to as a soft copy.
  82.  A printout is a hard copy.
  83.  A template is a master copy.
  84.  Mark the odd phrase: buggy software
  85.  A combination of keys for quick work is called a shortcut.
  86.  Completion of the computer work is referred to as a(n) workstation.
  87.  Freeware is gratis software.
  88.  Which software is limited in time span: shareware
  89.  Exact measurements or detailed technical requirements are called specifications.

  1.  A piece of computer equipment used for putting information into a computer is called (a) keyboard .
  2.  Mark the odd word: transcript
  3.  To telecommute means to work at home using computer connection with the office.
  4.  Which of these is done to work at home: telecommuting
  5.  Which of these is done to increase capacity: upgrading
  6.  Which of these is done to customize developers’ environment according to their requirements: tuning
  7.  What is the logical relationship between “to work” and “to telecommute”: general and specific
  8.  What is the logical relationship between “to terminate” and “to start” contrast
  9.  What is the logical relationship between “transceiver” and “transmitter” part and whole
  10.   “Template” is synonymous to a sample.
  11.  The amount of traffic a system can service per unit of time is referred to as its throughput capacity.
  12.  A flowchart is a diagram that shows the successive logical steps of the program.
  13.  A desktop publisher is a person who creates documents with DTP software.
  14.  The inbox is the location where emails are kept when they are received.
  15.  Hardware is any electronic or mechanical part of the computer system which you can see or touch.
  16.  PDA is a tiny computer where we can store personal information, take notes, draw diagrams and make calculations.
  17.  Greg is a software engineer which means he writes computer programs.
  18.  The data in the hard disk should be defragmented, so it can be accessed more quickly.
  19.  More data is available on a DVD than on a CD.
  20.  In an Internet discussion group the messages are ______ in reply to an initial post.
  21.  A small window that provides information about the problem and an interface of communication with the user is called a/an drop down combo box.
  22.  The speed at which the CPU processes instructions is called instruction per second.
  23.  Help desk is a computer support center where people phone to get help with their computer problems.
  24.  A cooling fan is a device that prevents the part inside the computer from overheating.
  25.  UPS is a device to maintain the continuous supply of electric power.
  26.  Recovery tool is a software application to restore your deleted data.
  27.  My optical drive fails: it won’t read or write discs.
  28.  What is the logical relationship between “identification” and “bar code”: cause and effect
  29.  To deny access means to reject smb’s right to enter smth or approach smth.
  30.  To increase in strength or intensity means to amplify.
  31.  A system of encoding information with the help of Os and 1s is called binary code.
  32.  Case sensitivity is differentiation of capital and small letters.
  33.  When you finish work with one program and start with another, you break off.
  34.  A parameter which is pre-installed and not specially set is called default option
  35.  What is the logical relationship between "word – character": part and whole
  36.  What is the logical relationship between "compute – calculate": equivalence
  37.  An electronic form of a document is called a soft copy.
  38.  To copy or move data into a computer memory, esp. from a larger computer means to download it.

  1.  A specialist who writes and updates computer programs is called software engineer.
  2.  To confirm smb’s right to enter smth or approach smth means to permit/accept access.
  3.  The appropriate adjective for the noun “access” is accessible.
  4.  A function to level/straighten the text is a/an alignment.
  5.  To break in means "to get access to computer system illegally".
  6.  What is the logical relationship between "mode – display mode": general and specific
  7.  The time during which the system is out of order is called down time.
  8.  A reserve copy made to restore lost data/information is called a backup copy.
  9.  To copy or move a program or information into a main system (or a larger computer) means to upload it.
  10.  We input data through keys.
  11.  Www is a global hyperlink system.
  12.  When you want somebody to do something very urgently, you write ASAP.
  13.  Volatile memory depends on power supply.
  14.  Computers produce electronic waste, plastic cases and microchips that are not biodegradable and have to be recycled or just thrown away.
  15.  The CPU holds the instructions and data which are processed by the central processing unit.

  1.  In banks computers enable staff to carry out financial transactions.
  2.  ATMs dispense money to customers by the use of a PIN protected card.
  3.  Mobiles let you make voice calls, send texts and email people.
  4.  Monitors display data and images while you work or play.
  5.  Customers are asked to enter a four digit PIN, it makes transactions more secure.
  6.  Teachers use projectors and interactive whiteboards to give presentations.
  7.  PIN is used to verify payments.

  1.  What’s It? It’s an umbrella.
  2.  Theyre watching .

  1.  Open the door.
  2.  Those students are French.
  3.  The students are from different countries .
  4.  This is an international school .
  5.  They’re students. Their names are James and Martha .
  6.  Carlo’s Italian, but his mother is British.
  7.  It’s a school. Its name is The English School.
  8.  We’re students.  Our teacher is American.
  9.  It’s a pen.
  10.  These are my _____ books.
  11.  That’s my ______ car.
  12.  Excuse me, is this pen yours?
  13.  Are these flowers?
  14.  I have got a car. It is yellow.
  15.  Have you got a pen?
  16.  She has got a headache.
  17.  Has a girl got a doll?
  18.  Giraffes have got a long neck.
  19.  I usually listen to music in the evenings.
  20.  On Fridays, I sometimes go to the cinema.
  21.  Suzie ________ now.
  22.  She has a lot of work this week.
  23.  My cousin is with us at the moment.
  24.  At the moment, I am listening to music.
  25.  Bob is waiting for me and I but he wants to go to the pub.
  26.  We don’t eat any bananas in our house.
  27.  I didn’t eat any cakes. I wasn’t hungry.
  28.  I don’t have any free time. I work very hard
  29.  My friends are shopping every Saturday.
  30.  Find the odd word: Bed
  31.      _________are used to read and write data on disks.
  32.  Hardware is any electronic or mechanical part you can see or touch.
  33.  The information presented to the computer is a/an input.
  34.  When you rapidly press and release the mouse button twice you open a document.
  35.  The most common input device is a/an keyboard.
  36.  Plotters are used for construction plans, engineering drawings and other technical illustrations.
  37.  Select a group of input devices:
  38.  A long key at the bottom of the keyboard is called blank. Each time it is pressed, it produces a blank space.
  39.  Computer technologies for people with disabilities are called assistive technology.
  40.  A computer technology that allows people to watch films and enjoy virtual reality is a/an HMD.
  41.  A crime committed with the help of computer.
  42.  Which of these has a negative meaning?
  43.  A microscopic robot, built with nanotechnology is a/an ASIMO, Honda’s.
  44.  A type a robot that resembles a human is a/an android.
  45.  The science which uses computer technology to identify people based on physical characteristics is biometrics
  46.  The brain of the robot is a/an Artificial intelligence.
  47.  The words “fixed, integrated” are synonymous to the word embedded.
  48.  She eats some/a lot of biscuits. She loves them.
  49.  Mark buys some/a lot of fruit. He’s very healthy.

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