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ВАРИАНТ 2 Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст

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Прочитайте и письменно переведите текст.

The Buffalo.

The buffalo is the largest North American animal. It weighs as much as 2,000 pounds. It lives with other buffalos in groups or herds. Two hundred years ago, there were 60 million buffalo. They lived all over the centre of North America. There were thousands of herds. One herd was twenty miles long and twenty miles wide. The buffalo followed the grass and the Indians followed buffalo.

The Indians used the buffalo for many things. They used it for meat. Sometimes they ate fresh meat. Sometimes they dried the meat in the sun. Then they ate it later. The Indians also used the skin, or hide, of the buffalo. From the hide they made tents, clothes, shoes, hats, and rope. They wasted nothing. But times changed.

People from other lands came to America. These immigrants crossed the country in wagon trains. They killed the buffalo for food and hides. More and more people came. And everyone wanted leather. Hunters with guns killed the buffalo only for their hides. They wasted everything else. These hunters were very good at their job. By 1900, there were fewer than thirty buffalo alive.

Today, there are about 30,000 buffalo in America. But herds are very small. You can see them in states like Wyoming. Sometimes you can buy buffalo meat at a restaurant. But you will never see a herd of buffalo as big as a city.

Определите значение выделенных слов.

1. The buffalo lives in herds.

a) grass          b) groups          c) flocks

2. The Indians used the hide of the buffalo.

a) skin          b) meat          c) flesh

3. Immigrants came to America.

a) People from other lands       b) People who do not like animals       c) People from South America

4. The buffalo followed the grass.

a) saw          b) went after           c) looked for

5. Hunters killed the buffalo.

a) People who follow and kill animals                      b) People who like restaurants           

c) People who live in North America

6. They wasted everything else.

a) did not like          b) did not take          c) did not use

7. Найдите предложения, содержащие верную информацию.

1. The buffalo weighs as much as 200 pounds.

2. Two hundred years ago, there were 30,000 buffalo.

3. The buffalo followed the Indians.

4. In 1900, there were fewer than thirty buffalo.

5. Hunters killed the buffalo for their hides.

6. You cannot eat buffalo meat in a restaurant today.

8. The lecturer has fallen ill and the ______ has been changed.

a) curriculum

b) textbook

c) schedule

d) time-table

12. He drove so slowly that it took _____ three hours to get there.

a) we

b) us

c) ourselves

d) our

9. We need to have good ____ skills to deal with people.

a) globalization

b) education

c) investigation

d) communication

13. I have ____ time for my lessons than my sister has.

a) less

b) the least

c) few

d) little

10. _____ can be differentiated from the point of view of their density, hardness and conductivity.

a) Qualities

b) Metals

c) Methods

d) Properties

14. Who is sitting _____ to you?

a) close

b) next to

c) near to

d) beside to

11. The neighboring tribes found it difficult to _____ peacefully.

a) existent

b) existence

c) inexistence

d) coexist

15. Do you know where _____ Crimea is situated?

a) a

b) an

c) the

d) --

16. Найдите пары слов с противоположным значением.

1. all                                  a) foot

2. above                            b) winter

3. after                              c) leg

4. back                              d) late

5. because                         e) before

6. head                              f) none

7. summer                         g) sky

8. arm                                h) front

9. early                              i) why

10. ground                        j) below

17. Найдите неподходящее по смыслу слово.

1. a) peaches     b) pears     c) chicken     d) apples    e) bananas

2. a) cat     b) mouse     c) rabbit     d) tail     e) dog

3. a) birds     b) aeroplanes     c) kites     d) helicopters     e) buses

4. a) shoe     b) sock     c) boot     d) jacket     e) slipper

5. a) sun     b) red     c) green     d) brown     e) purple

6. a) books     b) wind     c) papers     d) magazines     e)     signs

7. a) foot     b) inch     c) mile     d) yard     e) dish

8. a) trees     b) rocks     c) flowers     d) plants     e) crops

9. a) bee     b) butterfly     c) ant     d) mouse     e) fly

10. a) tight     b) round     c) square     d) triangular     e) oval

18. Have you ever been to England? - Yes, I _____ there last year.

a) was

b) had been

c) have been

d) was been

19. Will you let me _____ your mobile?

a) having used

b) use

c) using

d) to use

20. Before you _____, don't forget to turn off the TV set.

a) will leave

b) left

c) leave

d) have left

21. She doesn't know if she _____ in time tomorrow.

a) came

b) come

c) comes

d) will come

22. It was a through train so we _____ change trains.

a) mustn't

b) hadn't

c) didn't have to

d) had not to

23. It was raining when Kate _____ the bus.

a) waits

b) was expecting

c) expected

d) was waiting for

24. Mother asked Ann what she _____ to give her friend as a birthday present.

a) is going

b) was going

c) will be going

d) would going

25. His parents were worried because they _____ from him for a long time.

a) didn't hear

b) haven't heard

c) hadn't heard

d) don't hear

26. Mother didn't let the boy _____ TV.

a) to watch

b) watching

c) watched

d) watch

27. We saw _____ the papers.

a) them signing

b) they signing

c) them to sign

d) they to sign

28. _____ very ill, she couldn't attend the classes.

a) To be

b) Be

c) Being

d) Having been

29. The two towns _____ by a railway next year.

a) connected

b) are connected

c) will be connected

d) would be connected

30. _____ his new address I couldn't find him.

a) Not know

b) Not knowing

c) Don't know

d) Didn't know

31. The article was difficult. It _____ the whole day yesterday.

a) is translated

b) to translate

c) was translated

d) was being translated

32. The first thing _____ when you come home is to ring up your parents.

a) you did

b) for you to do

c) you do

d) for you did

33. "Do you know where Kate is living?" Anne asked me.

a) Anne asked me if I know where Kate was living.

b) Anne asked me if I knew where Kate is living.

c) Anne asked me if I knew where Kate was living.

d) Anne asked me if I knew where was Kate living.

34. "Don't make so much noise, will you?" the neighbour said to Peter.

a) The neighbour asked Peter to not make so much noise.

b) The neighbour asked Peter not to make so much noise.

c) The neighbour asked Peter don't make so much noise.

d) The neighbour asked to Peter not to make so much noise.

35. "I'm waiting for my parents," Nick said.

a) Nick said that he is waiting for my parents.

b) Nick said that he is waiting for his parents.

c) Nick said that he was waiting for his parents.

d) Nick said that he was waiting for my parents.

36. Предложением, содержащим герундий, является:

a) Examining water quality is a work of a chemical laboratory.

b) The chemical laboratory is examining water quality.

c) Water quality is being examining now.

d) Having examined water quality a laboratory assistant determined high content of pesticides in it.

37. Выберите русский эквивалент английского предложения, содержащего Complex Object: "Scientists consider solar energy to be an ideal source of power for artificial satellites.

a) Ученые считают, что солнечная энергия является идеальным источником энергии для искусственных спутников.

b) Считается, что солнечная энергия является идеальным источником энергии для искусственных спутников.

c) Солнечная энергия - это идеальный источник энергии для искусственных спутников.

d) Ученый изобрели новый вид энергии для искусственных спутников.

38. Выберите английский эквивалент русского предложения: "Я хочу, чтобы они описали эту картину."

a) I want to describe this picture.

b) I want them to describe this picture.

c) I want this picture to be described by them.

d) I gave them this picture to be described.

39. Подберите правильные слова из столбика В к следующим определениям из столбика А.



1. This makes electricity.

a) handle

2. This shows the North.

b) generator

3. This stores electricity.

c) dynamo

4. An AC _____ changes AC to DC.

d) thermometer

5. This receives radio signals.

e) battery

6. A solar panel changes sunlight into _____ .

f) temperature

7. You can measure _____ in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

g) adapter

8. You can turn this round with your hand.

h) antenna

9. This measures temperature.

i) electricity

10. This turns and makes electricity.

j) compass

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