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Контрольная работа должна быть выполнена аккуратно в печатном или письменном виде и сдана преподавателю в январе 2014 г. во время зимней сессии.

Преподаватель – к.п.н. доцент кафедры ТМПИ Смирнова Елена Владимировна

Part A. Grammar focus

Present Simple and Present Continuous

Exercise 1. Choose a verb from the list and complete the text and put the verbs into Present Continuous.

read, sleep, eat, sail, cry, drink, run, sing, play, fish, sit

Laura 1) is sitting under a sunshade. Two boys 2) _______ round a sandcastle while their father 3) _______ a newspaper. Tom 4) _______ Coke. Two girls 5) _______ ice-cream while their mother 6) _______ along with the radio. Some boys 7) _______ football near a man who 8) _______. Jim 9) _______ On his right a baby 10) _______ Some people 11) _______ past the beach.

Exercise 2. Put the verbs in brackets into Present Simple or Present Continuous.

It 1) is (be) winter and the snow 2) _______ (fall). It usually 3) _______ (snow) in January here. Betty and James 4) _______ (play) in the garden. They 5) _______ (build) a snowman and they 6) _______ (throw) snowballs. They 7) _______ (like) the snow very much! Their mother and father 8) _______ (not/like) it. They always 9) _______ (stay) in the house when it is cold. Mother usually 10) _______ (watch) TV and Father 11) _______ (listen) to the radio or 12) _______ (read) a book. At the moment they 13) _______ (sit) in the living-room. Mother 14) _______ (write) a letter and Father 15) _______ (read) a book.

Part B. Subject area: «People and Society»

Phrasal verbs

ask after

ask for news about

bring up

look after a child until he or she becomes an adult

fall for

fall in love with

fall out (with)

have an argument with and stop being friends

get on (with)

have a good relationship (with)

grow up

become older

look down on

think that you are better than

look up to

admire and respect

make up

become friends again after an argument

pass away


pick on

keep treating someone badly or unfairly

put down

criticise, make someone feel stupid

settle down

become calm after being upset, etc; stay in one place or get married and live quietly

stand up for

support in an argument or fight

take aback

surprise (usually in passive voice)

Word pattern

agree with/on/to sth; agree with sb; agree to do; agree that

allow sb to do; allow sth

approve of sth/doing; approve sth

ask sb sth; ask sb to do sth (for you); ask about/for sth; ask if/whether

attack sth; attack sb for sth/doing; an attack on sth/sb

ban sb from sth/doing; ban sth

convince sb (of sth); convince sb to do; convince sb that

force sb to do sth; force sb into sth/doing

independent of/from sth

let sb do sth

object to sth/doing

pretend to be; pretend to do;

pretend that

rely on sth/sb

Word formation


Unable, (in)ability, disabled, disability




argument, argumentative


careful(ly), careless(ly), (un)caring




friendship, (un)friendly


unhappy, (un)happiness, (un)happily


jealousy, jealously


Unkind, (un)kindness, kindly


marriage, (un)married


nervous(ly), nervousness


disobey, (dis)obedient(ly), (dis)obedience


(im)personal(ly), personality


impolite, (im)politely, (im)politeness


relative(ly), relation, relationship


unwilling, (un)willingness, (un)willingly

Exercise 1. Phrasal verbs. Complete using the correct form of the words in italics. You need to use one word twice.

get make  put  look  bring  fall  grow


Some of us seem to be infinitely kind, while others seem to 1) _________ down on everyone around them. Some of us never forget an argument, while others 2) _________ up and forgive easily. As we 3) _________ up, our personality develops and we find that we 4) _________ on with certain people more than others. Who we are seems to have a large genetic element, but is also influenced by those who 5) _________ us up. If we 6) _________ up to our parents or other family members, we may want to be like them. On the other hand, if our parents seem to 7) _________ us down all the time and we 8) _________ out with them a lot, then perhaps we will develop quite different personalities.

Exercise 2. Phrasal verbs. Write a phrasal verb in the correct form to replace the words in italics. And any other words you need.

1) The doctor said that the old woman had died ________ peacefully in her sleep.

2) I always support ________ my brother when he gets into trouble.

3) Tony seems to have really fallen in love with ________ Vanessa.

4) Mark is such a bully and treats badly ________ the younger boys at school.

5) I was surprised ________ when Michaela said I'd hurt her feelings.

6) Richard finally met the woman of his dreams and got married and started to live quietly ________ in Australia.

7) I saw Mrs Khan in the centre of town and she asked for news about ________ you.

Exercise 3. Word patterns. Choose the correct answer.

1) The government is trying to convince people ________ the need for higher taxes.

A with  С that

В of  D for

2) I believe that judges should be independent ________ the government.

A to  С with

В from  D on

3) Local residents object ________ the new power station in their area.

A to have С of having

В having D to having

4) Do you think they should ban people ________ smoking in public places?

A from  С in

В that  D of

5) The MP asked ________ the prime minister was aware of the growing social problem.

A that  С if

В him  D what

6) Most people seem to agree ________ the newspapers'criticism of the government.

A on  С with

В to  D that

7) I don't think people should rely ________ the state, even if they are unemployed.

A to  С on

В with  D by

8) The mayor was attacked ________ public money.

A for wasting С he waste

В to waste D of wasting

Exercise 4. Word formation. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.

I had a really stupid 1) _______ with my best friend the other day. It all ARGUE

started because we were talking about 2) _______ and having a family. MARRY

I said that 3) _______ is important when you are married and she said POLITE

that she thought that was rubbish and that4) _______ is much more  KIND

important. Well, we were 5) ) _______ to agree and, in the end, she  ABLE

left without saying goodbye. I do hope it doesn't spoil our 6) ______  FRIEND

Exercise 5. Word formation. Complete the sentences by changing the form of the word in capitals when this is necessary.

1) My best friend has a great _______ (PERSON) and everyone likes her.

2) I have a good. _______ (RELATE) with my mum and I can talk to her about anything.

3) They’ve just published a book of George Bush’s _______

(CORRESPOND) and it looks really interesting.

4) Jenny seemed_______ (WILLING) to talk about her argument with Nancy, but I eventually got the facts.

5) As I waited for Kelly to arrive at the cinema, I bit my nails __________


6) Ignore what Sharon says about you. It's just_______ (JEALOUS).

7) In the past, children were expected to be very _______ OBEY).

8) Brenda blames her _______ (HAPPY) on being single, but I'm not so sure.

9) Tom knew that being chosen as class president was a real_______ (ACHIEVE).

10) Kevin's so sensitive that you have to be very _______ (CARE) what you say to him.

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