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Topic of importnce to modern Ukrinin living i

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Due January 31st! campmake@gmail.com

Camp MAKE 2014

Counselor Application

Thank you for applying to Camp MAKE, tentatively scheduled for July 13th – 25th, 2014. This is an exciting year to be a part of Camp MAKE as we are moving locations to Luhansk, a state with historically few opportunities with Peace Corps camps. Entering its 3rd year, Camp MAKE has previously hosted 80 campers with 24 volunteer counselors, both Ukrainian and American, each year. The camp has also had a very high level of English which we expect will continue this year.

Camp MAKE will focus on multiculturalism/acceptance, project planning, leadership, and research/presentation on a topic of importance to modern Ukrainian living, i.e. environmentalism, civic activism, etc. The camp will have lessons, team-building, team challenges, and electives every day. There are a lot of different needs for the camp, so please be honest with your answers – only then can we place you in a position that suits your personality and will best serve the kids!

Camp MAKE will reimburse your travel expenses (we budget 200 UAH per counselor, but we’re flexible!), and you will receive typically 3 meals per day, with the exception of weekends.

This camp is a LOT of fun, and it’s truly inspiring to see what our campers are capable of! Thanks for your interest in Camp MAKE. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Jon Ohmart at campmake@gmail.com .

Check out our blog at http://campmake.wordpress.com/






Assignment (TELF, YD, CD):

A. Answer the following questions honestly (lack of experience does not hurt your chances of being selected!)

  1.  What experience (or desire) do you have working with youth?

  1.  Do you have former camp experience? In Ukraine?

  1.  Tell us about a project you organized/participated in/finished/saw and loved.

B.  Tell us about an interesting/unique/fun hobby or ability you have that you would love to teach to Ukrainian campers as an elective. (Previous classes included music, art, debate, yoga, public speaking, etc.)

C.  List 15 things you can do (e.g. ride a bike, sing, act, dance, draw)

D. Are you more comfortable…: (as I explained earlier, we have many different needs for counselors, so please be honest! There is no wrong answer here!)

 1. …working closely with a small group of kids, or working more broadly with a much larger group?

2. …creating fun challenges, or teambuilding?

3. …giving or receiving judgment?

4. …being outgoing or slightly more passive/working behind-the-scenes?

E. What is your favorite color: Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Purple, or other?

F. Choose 2-3 things you would be comfortable teaching:

Theater, music, art, debate, project planning, cultural studies, communication skills, writing techniques, newspaper, research skills, presentation/public speaking, multi-culturalism/acceptance

G. Tell us three things we should know about you!

1. Брачный договор, его роль в регулировании имущественных отношений супруго
2. Движение искусств и ремесел
3. Харчова цінність та оцінка якості зерн
4. Легкий способ бросить курить Аллен Карр Легкий способ бросить курить www
5. Work becuse it reduces the time lost on obtining the necessry informtion
6. ренесанс фр renissnce походить від терміну
7. Б Гиппенрейтер Родителям- как быть ребенком Ю
8. Проблема занятости и безработицы в г В Уфалее
9. Античная культура1
10. Болезни глаз, органов слуха и дыхания у птиц
11. Омское медицинское училище железнодорожного транспорта РФ ОТЧЕТ по производственной практике Здор
12. Задание 1 Найдите лишнее слово- Капусный ужасный хруснуть грусный; Вкусный опасный ярос
13. Античность- сложение системы риторики
14. Пифагор
15. Ханство Абулхаира
16. Гидрогазодинамика ОСНОВНЫЕ ПОЛОЖЕНИЯ МЕХАНИКИ ПЕЧНЫХ ГАЗОВ В практической деятельности ка
17. .Визначити як договір про ненапад від 23серпня 1939р.
18. Тема- Політичний та соціально ~ економічний розвиток України в др
19. Тема недели- Мебель
20. Prospecting and Exploratio