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Good fternoon der viewers Would you like to see our performnce Oh your nswer is so quite Didn~t you et or didn~t you slee

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Действие первое

1 скоморох

- Good afternoon, dear viewers!

Would you like to see our performance?

- Oh, your answer is so quite

Didn’t you eat or didn’t you sleep?

Then say it louder!

But why do you shout?

So sit quietly!

Our actors are local

Though you don’t know them

But they are very honest

They will dance and sing for you

And fairy-tale will tell you

1 скоморох

Stop, stop, you are a real chatterbox

So quick you are!

Meet our jester – his name is Яшка!

He is in poor clothes.

But he is so talented

And there is no fairy tale without him.

2 скоморох

Oh, so hard to be a jester!

To tell a fairy tale to people!

1 скоморох

Stop chattering, Яшка

It’s time to begin our fairy tale


Крибле крабле бум!


Once upon a time in a beautiful city Bagdad

About this city will be our magic tale

You can many wonderful palaces here

Their treasures can make you mad

But near is poverty

Poor people make their livings so hard

Who is reach and who is poor

God knows only this

And there lived a poor young man

A son of poor people,

Aladdin was his name.

1 девушка

Hello, Fatima!

2 девушка

So nice to see you, Zuhra!

1 девушка

How is your living?

2 девушка

Not bad, not bad.

But have you heard

The caravan is coming.

And different goods from Persia is carrying

People say: the silk is wonderful

And patterns are unusual

They are shining with gold.


1 девушка

How I want to see them all

And money I need to get

To buy all these goods

What a glorious city we live

It’s so wonderful here!

Eat whatever you like

Drink whatever you want!

МУЗЫКА. Восточный базар


Look, my son! How many guests are here!


Oh, yes The life in Bagdad begins with the sunrise!



Listen all the citizens!

And don’t say you haven’t heard!


Come here! All here!


Let me announce the decree

Of our wise Sultan!


Decree! Decree of our Sultan….


Listen all the citizens!

Remember and tell others!

The wisest Sultan in the world

Decided to marry his daughter princess


It’s a good idea!


Don’t interrupt me. So…

Decided he to marry his daughter

And gave her the most beautiful ring of pure gold

With lots of diamonds and emeralds

But it happened that princess was walking near the sea

And her ring dropped into the sea


Into the sea…..oh oh..


Who finds this ring, will marry the princess

The daughter of our Sultan

This is the will of Sultan

And now I wish you good luck!

Все расходятся


Oh, my son Aladdin…so many years we have been living in poverty since your father died.


God knows!


Look! How people can live: in the palace and they are so rich…


Why are you speaking about it?


I’m so old. But I want you to be happy and rich.

And a very good news we have heard about the princess and the decree of Sultan.


So would you like me to get this ring of the princess, my dear mother?



Yes, my son! If you find it – you will be married and very rich! And we will live in the palace.

Cказочная музыка, служанки….

Let’s imagine…..you will find the ring, marry the princess and we live in the palace….. you will have a lot of servants, the best food is on your table and you have the best clothes and you have much money.


Oh! It’s a dream!


It’s so great, my dear mother!


Your name is Aladdin, isn’t it?


Who are you? Do you know me?


I was going to this glorious city to meet my brother, he is your father. But I see I’m late. I was said he is already dead.


Yes….. he is not already with us. And now my mother and I are very poor.


I will help you and give you much money, but if you fulfill my wish.

Remember my nephew what I am saying to you.

If you help me I will gave you everything.

There is an old town in the desert, find the cave there.

In this cave you will see an old lamp on the floor.

This is what I need, my boy.

This thing you will bring me.

Don’t come back without it.


He was not the uncle, but he was a wizard.

He found out the secret about the magic lamp.

That only the poor young boy Aladdin can get this magic lamp.

 Действие второе


Today all people of our city have heard my decree.

Who finds the ring of my daughter will be her husband.


Oh, you are the best and wisest Sultan in the world!

You are higher than the moon…


But what do you need, I can’t understand?

You have everything from me for your serving, but if you want more, I will punish you.



Don’t be angry with me, my Sultan.

I just want to tell you the truth:

I’m in love with your beautiful daughter and I wish to marry her.

And I know that my gift is nothing in compare with the beauty of your daughter.

Take these jewels from me.


Oh, they are shining like the stars.

But even now I can’t give you my daughter to marry.

My first word was said. It is me decree.


The stars are saying: it will be the wedding very soon.


And somebody will find the ring?


Yes, I see the ring and the wedding will be!

God knows only! It will be so!

We can’t change anything.


Oh, how I wish it can be true!


I ask you, my father, cancel your decree…

I want to marry only for love.

I want the prince on the horse take me to the paradise where all my dreams come true.


It’s God’s will! And mine!

Действие третье


Why didn’t I believe this wizard?

That’s why I am in this cave as if in a trap

How can I get out from here?

Maybe this old lamp will help me and light the way

Oh, how dirty it is…….


I am the most powerful gin in the world.

I am you servant, oh my Lord!


Now I see why this wizard wanted this lamp!

Help me to find the ring of the princess


This task is not so easy!

But we will try…

Go to Africa now…

Maybe your ring is there. Command!


I want to get to Africa!


Your desire is my command!



Действие четвертое

1 скоморох

Africa! Africa!

Magic countries!

Africa! Africa!

The hot sun!

2 скоморох

Africa! Africa!

Sweet bananas!

Because in Africa

Summer is the whole year/

Мартышки танцуют

1 мартышка

We are funny monkeys

We play all days long

We clap our hands

And step our feet

2 мартышка

We dance and sing

We jump and skip

We smile and laugh

So fun we are!


We are glad to meet you here in Africa.

For a long time nobody came to our jungles.


I am looking for a ring of my princess

I want to marry her

Tell me, have you seen it?


No, my dear friend, I haven’t seen it

I don’t think it can be here

You’d better go to Russia to my Russian friends.

Maybe you will find it there

Good luck!


Gin, my dear I want to Russia!


Your desire is my command!

Действие пятое

1 скоморох

There is no place like Russia

No country is brighter in the world

2 скоморох

Russia, Russia, Russia

What country can be loved more?

Русский танец

1 матрешка

Bread and sault for you dear guests!

2 матрешка

We are merry Russian dolls

We are in colored dresses

We can sew and spin

We can come to visit you

1 матрешка

We look like sisters

And we have tissues

Our cheeks are so red

We are merry Russian dolls

2 матрешка

Why you are here? What do you need?


Our princess lost her ring in the sea

Have you seen this ring?

1 матрешка

No, we haven’t seen the ring

2 матрешка

I’ve heard your ring is in the ice

But it’s another part of our land.


It doesn’t matter.

Thank you Russian dolls.

Hey, gin, take me to the north.


Your desire is my command!


1 скоморох

The whiteness of this land

Impresses people every time

2 скоморох

Reindeer race, quests are coming

Meet these northern people


Звучит музыка севера

Its so cold! Where am I? And why is everything so white?

1 чукча

It’s the country of peace and eternal ice

2 чукча

And here we live.

We like to plat snowballs and ride reindeers.

1 чукча

Why are you here, the stranger?


I’m looking for the ring of my princess.

People say, it is here.


2 чукча

We have seen this ring, but it was frozen in the ice.

1 чукча

You can’t melt our ice, even gin can’t do it.

2 чукча

Only the kind heart will help you.





Who knows all the stars in the sky?

Of course, the astrologer!

If only the star appears somewhere

He goes there.


What are you speaking about?


The stars are saying……


My greetings to you, the Sultan!

What a wonderful place Bagdad

So wonderful princess you are!

I want to present you the ring,

Look me dear, is it yours?


This poor young man is my destiny!


This poor man is not a groom for the princess.


And you, don’t say a word, I’m angry with you.

And it was my decree!

Be happy my dear…


I couldn’t live without you, my gin,

You are my friend, you should be free!

I don’t want you to be the slave of this lamp!


It’s impossible, Aladdin! The lamp is my home!

And I wish to serve you for the rest of my life!

Take care of your princess and love her

But surprise all people with your wedding.


All my predictions have come true!

Only love can save the world!!!

It’s good when the fairy tale has happy end!


In the beautiful city Bagdad

People are happy

They are glad to any guest!

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