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One. nd how old is your sister She is twentyone too.html

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Card 1

  •  Mark, are Aunt Helen and Jenny coming today?
    •  Yes, they are.
    •  That’s great. What time are they coming?
    •  At two o’clock.
    •  What time is it now?
    •  It is a quarter past one.

  •  How old is your brother, Mary?
    •  Twenty-one. And how old is your sister?
    •  She is twenty-one too.
    •  Is she pretty?
    •  Yes, she is tall, slim and very good-looking. And your brother? Is he good-looking?
    •  Yes, he is.


Card 2

-Have you got a house or a flat?

-I’ve got a house.

-How many rooms are there?

-It’s got a kitchen, a dining-room, a living-room, a bathroom and four bedrooms.

-Oh, it’s quite big.

-Yes. Have you got a house?

-No, I’ve got a flat.

-What are Mark and Mary doing?

-Mark is in the garden.

-What is he doing?

-He is reading a magazine.

-Is Mary with him?

- No, she is in her room.

Card 3

  •  Who’s that?
    •  It’s my mother’s sister. Her name is Janet.
    •  How old is she?
    •  She is forty.
    •  And is that man her husband?
    •  Yes, his name is Jim.

- Is that your father?

- No, that’s my uncle.

- Which one is your father?

-The tall one.

-He’s very young. How old is he?

-He’s thirty-seven.


Card 4

-Where’s my cassette-player?

-It’s in the dining room.

-I can’t see it.

-I think it’s on the sofa.

-No, it isn’t.

-Oh, isn’t it next to the chair?

- Which chair?

-The green one.

-Oh, yes. Thanks.

-Hi, Bob.

-Hello, James! How are you?

-I’m fine, thanks. And you?

-Not bad, thank you.

-What’s your job?

-I’m a teacher.

-I’m a teacher, too.


Card 5

-How old is your brother?

-I haven’t got a brother!

-And who’s that?

-That’s my cousin.

-What’s his name?

-Philip. He is twenty-three.

-He’s very good-looking!

Why are you sad?

-It isn’t sadness. It’s tiredness.

-Why are you tired?

-It’s hard work. Aren’t you tired?

-A little.


Card 6

-Hi, I’m Jack.

-Hello. I’m Sonia.

-Where are you from?

-I’m from Spain. I’m Spanish.

-I’m from England.

-What’s your job?

-I’m a musician. What’s your job?

-I’m a doctor.

-What’s your sister?

-She’s a secretary. What’s your job?

-I’m a teacher. And you?

- I’m a journalist.

-Is your girlfriend a musician or an artist?

-She is an artist.


Card 7

-Mark, look at the picture!

-Oh, yes, very nice. What is it?

-It’s Uncle Patrick’s living room.

-Is this the TV set?

-Yes. It’s on the left, near the plants.

-Uncle Patrick hasn’t got plants in his living room.

  •  Mark, are Aunt Helen and Jenny coming today?
    •  Yes, they are.
    •  That’s great. What time are they coming?
    •  At two o’clock.
    •  What time is it now?
    •  It’s a quarter past one.


Card 8

-You have some problems with your spelling.

-Yes, I have. But I do my best. I’m a quick learner.

-Are you?

- Of course I am.

  •  He does his job well.
    •  Oh yes. He does. He is a good specialist.
    •  Are you familiar with his work?
    •  Yes, I am. We are colleagues.


Card 9

-How nice of you to have come today!

-How nice of you to have invited me!

-Meet my family. This is Mum and Dad.

-Nice to meet you.

-Nice to meet you too.

-Let’s go and get acquainted with the others.


-Ricky, will you get me this little emerald set?

-You bet I will.


-Well, it’ll depend.


Card 10

  •  I haven’t heard from Luke.
    •  He’ll be back soon. Now he’s gone on a tour.
    •  Where to?
    •  Cameroon.
    •  Poor Luke. They say it’s a boorish country.
    •  Then it suits Luke.

  •  I hate dogs and boys.

-Why so?

-They are too noisy. And they have a lot of common.


-They play with toys and upset my pots.

Card 11

-Is this a cotton dress?

-No it isn’t. It’s a synthetic one.

-And this?

-Oh, yes. It is cotton.

-What is this?

-It is either a lump of copper or a lump of bronze.

-And what are these?

-These are blocks of iron I think. And what are those?

-Those are pieces of plastic.

-And what’s that?

-That’s a sheet of white glass for sure.


Card 12

-Excuse me, where is the Tower Bridge?

-Well, it is opposite the Tower.

-And where is the Tower?

-It’s just in front of you. I see you are a foreigner. Where are you from?


  •  Please, where is McDonalds?
    •  It’s down there.
    •  Where?
    •  It’s in High Street round the corner.
    •  Thank you.


Card 13

  •  Look, why is your file here?
    •  No idea.
    •  And why is your written report here?
    •  It’s a mistake of the secretary.

- Paul, is Helen’s birthday in January?

-No, it isn’t. Helen’s birthday is in March.

-Isn’t Patrick’ birthday in March too?

-No, it isn’t. His birthday is in October, and my mother’s birthday is on Monday.

-This Monday?

-Yes, this Monday. That’s why my parents are coming for dinner on Monday.


Card 14

-Is there any spaghetti?

-No, there isn’t any.

-Are there any potatoes?

-No, there are no potatoes but there are some beans.

-What is there in the fridge?

-There are some good meatballs.

-When did you finish school?

-I finished school last year.

-What do you do now?

-I am at college. I am in my first year.

- That’s good.

Card 15

-Have you done all your exercises?

-Yes. I have managed everything already.

- Has Dan finished his work too?

-No, he hasn’t. He is still working.

  •  I am leaving. Don’t forget to do the shopping!
    •  Right.
    •  And clean your room!
    •  Of course.
    •  Be on time for your evening classes!
    •  I will.
    •  And don’t stay too long!
    •  That’s too much.

__________________________________________________________________Card 16

  •  Where’ve you been walking around, Simon?
    •  In the library.
    •  Don’t try to tell lies now. I saw you in the pub down the street. Lier!
    •  Right. I’m a lier but you are a spy!

- Can I help you?

-Yes. What’s that?

-It’s an exquisite dress from a French collection.

-Not bad. Very fashionable. I’ll take it.

-We are selling it for only ten.


-Hundred. Will you have it?

Oh, maybe, I’ll come again. Maybe on Wednesday or Saturday.

Yes… Maybe, then.

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