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Yuri Ggrin~s ws dngerous flight

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1. Yuri Gagarin’s was a dangerous flight. He ____.

  1.  must have been killed
  2.  was able to kill  
  3.  could have been killed
  4.  could have killed

2. The manuscript ____ in the 15-th century.

  1.  believed to be written
  2.  is believed to have been written
  3.  was believed must have written
  4.  has believed to have been written

3. Little Abraham ____ and ____ his clothes.  

  1.  was aroused, was made to put on  
  2.  was rising, was made put on  
  3.  had got up, was put on  
  4.  had raised, put on

4. They both looked around them as if they ____ afraid that they ____.

  1.  had been, were watched
  2.  have been, watched
  3.  may be, were watching
  4.  were, were being watched

5. He ____  an opportunity to go to Columbia ____ attend the Winter Meeting of the Physical Society.

  1.  gave, in order to
  2.  was given, to
  3.  has been given, for
  4.  was giving, -

6. The moment you ____ something you want,  you want something else.

  1.  are offered
  2.  offer
  3.  have offered
  4.  are offering

7. She did all the rough work in the house, spoke when she ____, but not otherwise, and ate a very great deal of food at ___lunch.

  1.  was spoken with, a
  2.  spoke to, -
  3.  was being spoken, the
  4.  was spoken to, -

8. His place in history is secure. He ____ long after his enemies ____ .

  1.  will remember, have forgotten
  2.  remembers, forget
  3.  will be remembered, have been forgotten
  4.  may be remembered, will be forgotten

9. Mrs. Chester began to talk about Basil – of how well ______ at school, of how ______ him.

1) had he been,  had everyone liked

2) he had been,  everyone liked

3) was he at school,  did everyone like him

4) is he,  everyone liked

10. Can’t you see? You ____ , that’s all.

  1.  are being made a fool of
  2.  made a fool of
  3.  are making a fool
  4.  had made a fool of

11. I don’t know ____ . They ____ about it.

  1.  not a thing, are reserved
  2.  anything, reserved
  3.  something, have reserved
  4.  anything, are so reserved

12. If you ____ so late the front door ____ and you’ll have to go by the back door.

  1.  will come, will be locked
  2.  come, will lock
  3.  will come, is locked
  4.  come, will be locked

13. What sort of research ____ , and who will be doing it?

  1.  will have done
  2.  will be being done
  3.  will be done
  4.  has done

14. You can see that this glass ____ .

  1.  has used
  2.  has been being used
  3.  has been used
  4.  is using

15. All of a sudden he realized the full force of what he ____ .

  1.  had told
  2.  has said
  3.  had been told
  4.  had been being told

16. She has taught at a school in the north of England and at two schools in Germany, and ____ to be an excellent teacher.

  1.  is believing
  2.  has believed
  3.  is believed
  4.  had been believed

17. Mary wondered what ______ to talk about.

1) does he want

2) did he want

3) he wanted

4) he wants

18. Nancy looked displeased and ____ me she ____ to fetch the breakfast tray.

  1.  said to, has been sent
  2.  said, was sent
  3.  told to, had sent
  4.  told, had been sent

19. She had an uncomfortable feeling that she ____ and it pleased her.

  1.  is looked at
  2.  was being looked at
  3.  was looking at
  4.  had looked at

20. She telephoned to know where the meeting ____ .

  1.  will be hold
  2.  would hold
  3.  would be held
  4.  might be hold

21. Charlie replied angrily that he _______ to his people that he _____ fail his examinations.

1) would have to explain, might fail

2) is to explain,  can

3) has explained, may fail

4) has to explain, has failed

22. The room looked as if it ____ for years.

  1.  has not been lived in
  2.  did not live in
  3.  was not living in
  4.  had not been lived in

23. It ____ that we ____ to prevent cancer soon.

  1.  thinks, shall be able
  2.  was thought, must
  3.  is thought, shall be able
  4.  is thinking, are

24. Even nowadays one can see that a top hat ____ at weddings.

  1.  is sometimes worn
  2.  is often wearing
  3.  is sometimes being wearing
  4.  has worn

25. The Prime Minister ____ at three o’clock. But he didn’t turn up till five.

  1.  was expecting
  2.  had expected
  3.  was being expect
  4.  was expected

26. Mary knows that she ____ a silver teapot for her birthday.

  1.  has been being given
  2.  will give
  3.  can have given
  4.  will be given

27. Mr. Black ____ three days to finish the job before he ____ .

  1.  had, dismissed
  2.  got, had dismissed
  3.  was allowed, was dismissed
  4.  had been given, was dismissing

28. I was in a hurry, so asked my Dad if he _______  me a lift.

1) gave

2) would give

3) had given

4) was going to give

29. Many beautiful old buildings in cities . If this replacement______ very long before a city loses its character.

1) are being replaced modern ones, is not controlled

2) are replaced by modern ones, were not controlled

3) are replaced by modern ones, won't be controlled

4) are being replaced by modem ones, is not controlled

30. He_____ with the new boss, so he____ to another branch of the company.

1) doesn't get on, asked to transfer

2) hasn't got on, had asked to have been transferred

3) doesn't get on, has asked to be transferred 

4) isn't getting on, has asked to be transferred

31. In the drawing room the music of Mozart   by an orchestra   on the screen.

1) was playing, to see

2) had been played, seen

3) was being played, seen

4) has been playing, having seen

32. Karen said that his sister ______ the next Sunday.

1) could get married

2) was going to get married

3) was getting married

4) would get married

33. I ________the other day. I  telling lies. I   like this.

1) was shocked, was accused of, had never been treated 

2) have been shocked, have been accused, had never treated

3) will be shocked, will be accused, have never been treated

4) was shocked, was accused, had never treated

34. Two people are reported   in the explosion. It has been informed that the investigation  now.

1) have been killed, was being held

2) to have been killed, is being held

3) being killed, was being held


killing, are being held

35. It ______for some time that if the young of domestic animals penicillin their

growth rate is significantly increased.

1) was known, will be fed

2) is known, be fed

3) has been known, are fed

4) is being known, would be fed

36. At the port we saw steamer which grain.

1) a, was being loaded with

2) the, was loaded by

3) _____, loaded with

4) a, is being loaded by

37. Don't ride that way. The road since March.

1) repairs

2) is repairing

3) has been repaired 

4) has been repairing

38. She ______to get on board the plane unless she through the customs.

1) is allowed, will go

2) won't be allowed, goes

3) is not allowed, doesn't go

4) allows, is going

39. He was about to ask when _____ her collection.

1) she would exhibit 

2) would she exhibit

3) she will exhibit

4)  she intends to exhibit

40. I______a card to the Club and in the afternoon I used to there to play bridge.

1) gave, go

2) was given, going

3) has given, have gone

4) had been given, go

41. They announced at the meeting that the firm down.

1) was closing

2) closes

3) has closed

4) is closed

42. The talks for several days before agreement .

1) were held, had been reached

2) are being held, was reached

3) had been held, was reached

4) had held, had reached

43. What question when the talks off?

1) is considered, break

2) was considering, broke

3) had been considered, are broken

4) was being considered, were broken

44. The book_____ by Tom Smith and_____ by Brown and Co.

1) was written, published

2) was being written, publishes

3) has been writing, publishing

4) was written, is publishing

45. I_____ for the work. Probably, I_____ to do it for nothing.

1) wasn't paying, expected    

2) wasn't paid, was expecting

3) wasn't paid, was expected

4) paid, has been expecting

46. In England little boys used_____ to climb the chimneys to clean them.

1) to make

2) to be made

3) being made

4) to have made

47. You_____ to have been in town on the night of the crime.

1) know

2) are known

3) have known

4) are being known

48. One city, Cahokia, Missouri, is thought _____ a population of about 20,000 in the early 12th century.

1) to have had

2) to be having

3) having

4) to have

49. She came into the room holding some letters in her hand and said that she _______ them while _________ the desk drawers.

1) found, tidied

2) found, was tidying

3) had found, had been tidying

4) had found, was tidying

50. Are you going to buy a wedding dress? – No, my dress __________ by my mother.

1) is making

2) is being made

3) is made

4) has made



1. Find the right word.

1. It is difficult to ……………… the beauty of London.

1) prescribe   2) describe   3) subscribe

2. Moscow is the major…………. of the Russian Federation.

1) metropolis  2) metropole  3) monitor

3. The ……………. of the country is increasing every year.

1) punctuation  2) population 3) pronunciation

4.The main business and shopping center ………… on the island.

1) lies  2)lays  3) lined

5. The buses tend to be ……………… in the cities.

1) overwhelmed  2) overbooked  3) overcrowded

6. The 19th century building was ……………by a famous architect.

1) designed  2) destroyed  3) developed

7. The Art Gallery is …………. seeing.

1) wealth 2) worth 3) word

8. Tourists from all over the  word …………….. the beauty and charm of these medieval villages.

1) appoint  2) appeal  3) appreciate

9. Annually the town council organizes ………….. to commemorate the names of  famous citizens.

1) exhibitions  2) executions  3) excursions

10.  Residential areas encircle the city center and industrial acres were moved to the ………….. .

1) harbour  2) headquarters 3) outskirts

2. Find the right word.

1. One advantage of traveling by train is that you can forget about traffic jams
and crowded roads, sit back and admire the ……. .

1) scenery       2) scene                  3)site

2. Many ………………... in this part of the town date back from XVII to XIX centuries.  

1) buildings     2) constructions      3) blocks

3. We began climbing the narrow path before dawn, and when we reached the ….……., the plain below was still shrouded in mist.

1) summit         2) side                        3) pick

4. From  this point on, the landscape becomes increasingly bare, until the rocky
slopes give way to the rolling dunes of the ………………… .

1) valley           2) desert                 3) scenery

5. In the garden, almost hidden by overhanging trees, was a round …………….. full of lilies and croaking frogs.

1) estuary         2) lake                    3) pond

3. Choose the most suitable word.

1. In this garden there are two ornamental iron doors/gates and there is a stone path/pavement leading to the house.

2. This is the front entry/entrance, but there is another door at the edge/side of the house.

3. All the cupboards/wardrobes in the kitchen and the bookshelves/library in the living room are made of wood.

4. There is a beautiful stone chimney/fireplace in the living room, and there are sinks/washbasins in all the bedrooms.

5. At the top of the stairs/steps there is a 19th century coloured/stained glass window.

6. The bathroom has a shower/washer and modern mixer pipes/taps.

7. At the top of the house there is a/an attic/cellar and the garden contains a glasshouse/greenhouse and a garden hut/shed.

8. There is a wooden fence/wall on one side of the garden, and a bush/hedge on the other.

9. This is a fine single/detached house in a quiet residential neighbourhood/suburb.

10. We would love to expose/show you the surrounding suburbs/countryside any day you like.

4. Complete each sentence using the words below. 

Bungalow, cottage, car park, flat, countryside, pedestrians, suburbs

  1.  I would prefer to live in a …cottage…......... with my own garden.
  2.  Jenny lives in a small .flat....…… in a modern block.
  3.  This street is only for .pedestrians....….., no cars are permitted here.
  4.  Peter has moved to the …suburbs........ because he likes to be in the fresh air
  5.  This village is surrounded by lovely ..countryside.……….. .
  6.  The shopping center has a multi-storey..car park.…….... equipped with elevators.
  7.  My grandmother bought a ..bungalow……...  to spend vacation at the seashore.

5. Choose the most suitable word in each sentence.

  1.  The old houses opposite are going to be ........................

1) broken down  2) knocked down  3) taken down

  1.  The view from the skyscraper....................... over New York harbour.
    1.  shows up   2)stands up   3) looks out
  2.  Please ................ the rubbish because the dustman is coming tomorrow.

1) take in   2) tie down    3) put out   

4.  Please come and unblock our drains! I'm ....................... you!

1) waiting for   2) counting on   3) seeing to    

  1.  I can't put these plants in pots. I've ....................... earth.

1) run out of   2) put up with   3) given up

  1.  I've been planting trees all day and I'm....................... .

1) worn out   2) taken in    3) grown up

  1.  A lot of tiles....................... our roof after the high wind.

1) came off   2) took off    3) got off

  1.  The car went out of control and ....................... hitting a lamp-post.

1) ran up   2) turned up   3) ended up

6. Choose the most suitable word or phrase underlined in each sentence.

1.  Put your wet socks on the central heating/radiator to dry.

2.  Mary was sitting beside the fire in a comfortable armchair/sofa.

3.  Jane lives in a flat on the first floor/storey.

4.  Let's take the runway/motorway, we'll get there faster.

5. We drove out of the village along a winding lane/path.

6.  There's someone at/on the door. Can you see who it is ?

7.  Why don't you put the car in the car park/parking?

8.  Steve redecorated his room with flowery posters/wallpaper.

9. We used to keep the coal downstairs in the cave/cellar.

10. I like the painting but I don’t like the surrounding/frame.


Skye, a peculiar island in Scotland

Skye is located off Scotland's northwest coast, some 184km from Glasgow. The island measures 77km in length and 38km at its widest. The largest island in Scotland's Inner Hebrides, Skye covers an area of l,740sq km about half the size of the state of Rhode Island in the USA. Skye's landscape is dominated by the spectacular Black Cuillin Hills, which an English journalist H.V. Morton (1892-1979) described in his book “In Search of Scotland”. Imagine Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries” frozen in stone and hung up like a colossal screen against the sky. It seems as if Nature when she hurled the Coolins up .. said: "I will make mountains which shall be the essence of all that can be terrible in mountains".

According to legend, the island, once flat, was inhabited by Cailleach Bhur, the goddess of winter. She had enslaved a beautiful girl, the sweetheart of spring, who appealed to the sun for help. In response, the angry sun hurled his burning spear at Cailleach Bhur as she rode across Skye. But he missed his mark and destroyed the landscape which broke into a range of hills - the Cuillins. Skye's inhabitants often tell this tale to explain the curious fact that these hills are rarely snow-covered, even in winter. When surrounding hills are covered with snow, the Black Cuillins stand dark against the sky.

Twenty peaks feature in the Black Cuillins, 15 of them more than 914m in height. The tallest, Sgur Alasdair, stands 1,009m high. The peaks came into existence some 50 million years ago. The Red Cuillin Hills, some 16km to the east are more rounded than the Black Cuillins. hi the south of the island stands the unusual rock known as the Old Man of Storr. Both these formations had their beginnings 10,000 years ago.

Little of Skye's landscape can support the barley, oats and other crops grown elsewhere in Scotland. Areas of human settlement occur only rarely. Thousands of seabirds nest on the island's coast and shore. The puffin which nests on dangerous rocks, can catch small fish in great numbers. It is not unusual for a puffin to return to its nest with as many as 14 fish in its mouth. Yet Skye's puffin population is far from "growing due largely to the attacks of lesser black-backed gulls which rob the puffins of their catch before they can reach their nests to feed their young.

(Word count 408)

Answer the questions to text:

1. Which of the following is true?

1) Skye is located on Scotland's northwest coast

2) Skye is the largest hill area in Scotland

3) Skye, the largest island in Inner Hebrides, dominates over Scotland

4) The state of Rhode Island is about twice as big as Skye

2. According to legend,

1) the sun got angry with a beautiful girl who had become the sweetheart of spring

2) the goddess of winter was enslaved by the sun

3) Cailleach Bhur terribly missed the sun

4) the angry sun made the Black Cuillins almost never snow covered

3. What is not typical of Skye?

1) The average height of the mountains is about 1000m

2) The peaks are quite old, dating back millions years

3) There are many areas of human settlement there 

4) Local people grow mostly barley and oats

4. It follows from the text that Black Cuillins could hardly be described as

1) terrifying

2) inviting and inspiring

3) dark and gloomy

4) a screen against the sky

5. The author states that it is usual for a puffin

1) to eat about 14 small fish at once

2) not to return to its nest

3) to catch quite a number of small fish 

4) to be caught by black-backed gulls


Выберите единственный правильный вариант из предложенных:

1. English is worth _____ . It is _____ in a lot of the countries.

1) learned, spoken

2) learning, speaking

3) learning, spoken

4) to learn, spoke

2. This office is very inefficient. The telephone_____ promptly and no proper records _____ .

1) is never answered, are kept

2) never answers, have kept

3) is never answered, are keeping

4) has never answered, are kept

3. She likes_____ and needs_____ care of.

1) look at, take

2) being looked at, to be taken

3) looking at, be taking

4) to look at, to be taken

4. I really love parties! Who is going _____ ?

1) been invited

2) to be inviting

3) to have invited

4) to be invited

5. Henry ______ for something he didn't do.

1) has punished

2) is punishing

3) punishes

4) was punished     

6. A business letter should ______ on one side of the paper only.

1) have written

2) being writing

3) be written     

4) write

7. The majority of the planes ______ with electronically coded security systems.

1) equipped

2) are equipped    

3) has equipped

4) are equipping

8. He knew that _____ suspected person _____ by Inspector Jarvis at 10 o'clock this morning.            

1) a, was interviewing

2) the, was being interviewed

3) - , had been interviewed

4) the, interviewed

9. The police_____ that there had been a mistake.

1) was not informed

2) were not informing  

3) were not informed    

4) has been informed

10. The information about the trip _____ in the brochure.

1) is included      

2) includes

3) is including

4) has included

11. He explained that the dogs on the farm ______ for a walk twice a day.

1) are being taken

2) were being taken

3) had taken

4) were taken

12. Aunt Polly wanted to know where ______.

1) would Tom go to

2) had Tom gone to

3) was Tom going to

4) Tom was about to go

13) She explained that the house whose roof ______  yesterday in the earthquake _____ hers.

1) collapsed. Is

2) had collapsed, was

3) had collapsed, had been

4) collapsed, would be

14. The mayor ______ the school and _____ one of the pupils why _____ to clean the beach.

1) had visited, asked, had they decided

2) had visited, asked, they had decided

3) visited, asked, they decided

4) visited, asked, they had decided

15. She said that it ____ while she ______ her car filled with petrol.

1) had happened, was having

2) happened, had

3) would happen, would be having

4) happens, is having

2. Возникновение государства и права
3. возделывание уход имеет древнее происхождение и первоначально обозначало занятие земледелием
4. ных Штатов Америки ратуют за то чтобы заголовки в газетах книгах интриговали читателей как можно полнее пе
5. на тему- Государственный кредит Преподаватель Работу выполнила Финансовокредитный
6. Реферат- Социология Спенсера
7. Какие риски для здоровья появились в связи с развитием информационных систем
8. Металлургиялы~ процестерді~ теориясы п~ні бойынша тест с~ра~тары 5В070900 Металлургия маманды~ы студе2
9. Источниковедение и историческое познание
10. Развитие Коммуникаций на предприятии и предложения по их улучшению
11. Реферат- Конституционный суд РФ [Курсовая]
12. Этнография Казахстана Средней Азии1
13. Протоколы Сионских мудрецов и информационная война
14. і АS ~исы~ы тік бол~ан жа~дайда кесінді ~алай аталады- B классикалы~ АS ~исы~ы о~ е~кісті бол~
15. тематики и кибернетики Отчет по лабораторной работе Сравнение бесхитростного а
16. неповне розгалуження37Укажіть пристрої які розміщуються всередині системного блока настільного ком
17. Уголовно-правовая борьба с наркоманией
18. Экономическая система. Эластичность спроса
19. методические рекомендации может разработать проект организации передвижной автолавки
20. ru Все книги автора Эта же книга в других форматах Приятного чтения Дэниел Киз Множественные ум