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Mrried couple honeymoon French word for cook

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_______ Europeans eat horse or snake.


_______ a copy of my CV outlining   my background and qualifications.

please find enclosed

_______for interview at a time and place of   your  convenience.

I am available

_______ your time, we`re in no hurry.

+ take

 _______ would you like to go?

 + where    

_______ will you be free?


______ terminal does it leave from?



A holiday for a newly-married couple.

+ honeymoon

A French word for a cook.


A story performed in a theatre


All over the country


All the people who act in a play


Apply (syn.)

 +Take effect

Accustomed to

+Used to

Activity of providing food and drink


Activities that amuse or interest people.


Assistant Manager of a three-star hotel .


Attractive and nice


Another word for  personnel.


Another word for price or rate

+ tariff

Another word for metro.

+ underground

Another word for a tip.


Another word for food.


Another word for strong-flavored.


Annoyed (syn.)

 +Fed up

Animals and plants in their natural state.

+ wildlife  

A pot of _________


A bowl of ___________


A short cover_________ should always  accompany your CV.


A bonsai is a miniature tree ________ is grown in small container.


All the_______ have been chosen to match the   elegant eighteenth-century architecture.


All rooms are fully __________ with internet access, minibar and coffee-making  facilities.


As an assistant Manager of a three-star hotel I have______ of managing staff  and dealing with guests

+ experience

An excellent_________ package will be offered   to the right candidate.

 + salary


Break something into very small pieces


Building for Islamic worship.

+ Mosque

Building used for worship in Asia.


Business travel earns significant _______   for tour operators .


BTS Tourism (Two years` vocational  training in Leisure and Tourism)



Card given to passengers who have checked in.

+Boarding pass

Changing the timetable


Chicken, duck and geese are examples of this


Chives and parsley are examples of these.


Could you ask the chef not to put too _____sauce on the meat?


Conference interpreting is a highly- skilled_______


Combine two or more liquids into one.



Deep valley with very steep sides of rock.


Deep ,  narrow  valley with steep sides.


Deal with


Disadvantage (sym)


Dealing with difficult members of the   public requires good________ skills.



Extremely hot


Extremely comfortable.


Extremely attractive


Extra  paid work.

+ overtime


Fees (syn.)


Foreign money


Front of a building.

+ façade

Flowers on a tree


Florida is_________ from a severe lack of   rainfall.



Geisha are entertainers___________ skills take years to acquire.


Golden week is the time of year __________ Japanese people travel.


Given to another person

 +Let out    


Heat a liquid until it turns into a gas.


Having a pleasant sweet taste

+ Luscious

Having a strong and pleasant smell


 Highly decorated.


Holiday including transport and  accommodation . 

+ package

How good or bad something is


His wife’s away on a business ______to Singapore.


How ____________ bottles of water did we have?


Hello I`d like to__ a single room, please.

  + book


Issuing more tickets than there are seats available.


Independent judge


Initial  part-payment


I’m afraid _______ of our desserts contain nuts.


It is________ by both rail, bus or private  transport.

 + accessible

It`s increasingly difficult to survive in  the face of so much ________ .

+ competition

It’s too spicy for me.


I had to take bookings, confirm reservations and__ the guests.


I drink my coffee with __________ brandy.

+A little

I like the restaurant  but I’ve only been there ___________ times.

+A few

I don’t like _______ Indian food.

I appreciate your time and consideration and________ from you soon.

+I look forward to hearing

In 1977 Kuoni __ the first charter tour   around the world.


If he really needed some money, I could __________ him $100.


If you begin a letter with “Dear Mrs Healey” you should end with________.

+yours sincerely


Kuoni and Thomson are two of   Britain`s biggest package holiday_______ names.


Kind of ticket used instead of money.

+ voucher


Large house built for a royal family


Large mountain with a hole in the top.

+ Volcano

Large mass of ice that moves slowly down a mountain.


Legally responsible for


List of places to be visited on o trip.


Lowland between lines  of hills  or mountains


Lost and cannot be recovered


Los Angeles and London are in different time __________.

+ zones

LA is experiencing a________ in hotel building.

+ boom

LA has more_________ than any other US city. 

+ museums 


Make good


Make sure you live in ________ time to get to   the airport before check-in closes.


Matcha is a green tea ___________ is drunk during the tea ceremony.


Money you leave for the waiter or waitress.



Not too cold.



Over the next fifty years the Kuoni   business__ in to Europe.

+ expanded

Our friendly, welcoming staff   will ensure your stay is as __________ as possible.



Part of a telephone that you hold


Part of a meal served separately.


Personal servant in an expensive hotel .


Perfect (syn)


People in a book, film or play.


Push a liquid through a pipe.


Project management, budgeting and forecasting.

 + skills

Professional driver.


Place where food is prepared.


Place of entertainment late at night.

+ nightclub    

Place where monks live.


Places to stay, hotels, guest houses.


Place where passengers wait before leaving.

+Departure lounge


Room under a church where people are buried.


Rounded roof of a building.


Rooms, equipment or services.


Repairs and improvements to a hotel.



Someone who books holidays for  people

+reservations agent

 Selling goods and services on the  internet.

 + e-commerce  

Separate solids from a liquid.


Sent (syn.)


Supply something slowly but constantly.


Special time for celebration and ceremonies


Special skills or knowledge in a particular subject


Stopping something that has been planned.


Slightly cold


Small change

+Petty cash

Scenery and furniture on the stage.


Sen no Rikyu was the man ______formalized the tea ceremony.


Success in business depends on___ management.

 + skillful

She is_________at supervising staff


She`s done a large number of  relatively__________ jobs. She`s been a  chambermaid and a cleaner.

+ unskilled


Tasting strong and rich


Travel from one place to another. 

+ journey

Time when crops are gathered from the fields


Tour package designed for a single client.

 +tailor-made holidays

The opposite of sweet


The list of dishes in a restaurant.


The person who serves you.


The opposite of sweet wine


The good or bad things that happen in life.


The ability to enjoy things that are   funny and make people laugh. 

+sense of humour

The profit left after all expenditure.

+ return on turnover

The central business district of a city.

+ downtown

The objective from luxury.

 + luxurious

The opposite of old-fashioned.


The ability to make decisions without  being told what to do.


The accommodation ________ varies from 10- 17 percent.


The monarch Hotel overlooks a________  mountain valley.


The monarch Hotel overlooks a________  mountain valley.


The _________ of the tour operator meant that   the holidaymakers were unable to  return home.


The flight arrived _________ on time, not a   minute`s delay .

+ dead

The streets ____________ every evening.

+Are cleaned

The Ginza district of Tokyo is the place ________ most tourists go shopping.


The West Wing is of__ importance.


The Hollywood Wax Museum has_______ of models of film stars, musicians and   public figures

+ life-size

The brochures often_______ hotels in Long beach.


The job involves booking package tours making hotel_____________


There are about 5,000 visitors at any ______   time.

+ one   

There is the opportunity to earn commission from selling excursions to_______ your basic salary

 + boost

There are____________ views from all the rooms on the south side.


There’s very ___________ choice here, let’s go somewhere else.


There’s an interesting _____leaving  from the hotel to a nearby village.


They’ve  booked a sightseeing ______of the city on an open-air bus.


This person will have management_________ and  be prepared to work under pressure opportunity


This position has unlimited potential and will_______ someone looking at his career In the long term



You will need to be good at dealing with ________ and making decisions on your own

 + emergencies

You put the most__________ experience first.


You should use good quality_________ .

+ stationary

You will be responsible  for handling all   front desk ________.

 + operations


Waiting to see if there are any empty seats.

+On  standby

What you drink before a meal?


What you need to prepare a dish?


What you have to pay after a meal?


What actors wear on their faces?


What are your strong/weak __________ ?

+ points

Where grapes are grown?


When a lot of rain falls in a short time

 +Torrential downpour

When a play is acted out in public?


When two companies join to become  one .

+ merger

When one company buys another.


We ________ out of time and weren`t able to complete the project.


We had a very rough ______in the Bay of Biscay.


We arrived in Geneva after a five-hour train______.


We are currently looking for a hard-working person to join our_______


Work closely with



 Unchanging loyalty to a religion



Very large church


Very tall building.


Very old and fortified building.


Very impressive and exciting.


Vodka, whisky and tequila are examples of these.


Visiting friends and relatives is an important contributor to tourism _______.


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